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Pegipegi_iOS_ID_CPA (Paid Booking)


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Affiliate Interactive

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Feb 23, 2020

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Feb 23, 2020


$3.79 / cpi


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You must be a member of Affiliate Interactive to promote this offer. Click Here to join their network.
KPIs: Minimum %paid/booking is 40%. If the overall % of paid booking is under 40%, we will check your traffic from each publisher. We will not pay all of the booking from a publisher with minimum 50 bookings but don't reach 40% in paid booking. But, we still pay the rest traffic from other publishers. CPA shouldn´t be higher than $20 - transactions. Hard KPI: min CTIT 10 seconds Restrictions: No app discovery No offerwall No incent No forced installs No adult No own creatives Search/Branded Key Terms are STRICTLY prohibited Hard KPIs for sub ids with 10 or more installs: Click injection: All installs have a CTIT less than or equal to 10 seconds are rejected. HTTI (Click Spamming): If the percentage of installs with CTIT greater than 24 hours exceeds 75% for a site then all installs from this site would be rejected. Low CVR: If the CVR for a site is less than or equal to 0.02% all installs from this site will be rejected High CVR: If the CVR for a site is greater than or equal to 15% then all installs from this site will be rejected. If the CVR for a site is greater than or equal to 5% then flag these Country Mismatch: If the country name and campaign do not match AND the device carrier associated with it is not placed as a common EMEA carrier then the installs will be rejected. (Installs that only have country name and campaign name mismatch will just be flagged) Device Carrier: If the Device Carrier is marked as suspicious on the device carrier list, then the installs are rejected. KPI:
Affiliate Interactive

About: Affiliate Interactive

Affiliate Interactive is not just another network. Working with our affiliates in a team, we’re available 24/7 to help you maximize your revenues and ... Read More

Affiliate Interactive is not just another network. Working with our affiliates in a team, we’re available 24/7 to help you maximize your revenues and get you the premium offers in the industry. If you’re an honest affiliate and have quality traffic, let us help you find the most profitable offers to drive it to.

We currently have 500+ top-converting offers on our network.

We are sure that you will prefer us more then others. Join us now and see for yourself.

We have over 7 years of online advertising and marketing experience, and that’s not combined either. That includes all facets of online marketing and e-commerce, so we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

We are headquartered in faisalabad, the city called manchester of pakistan. And because it requires a hard work of 24/7 to run the industry. Your business keeps us up 24/7 in a week.

We are old in experience but we are very young in mind, body and soul. Affiliate interactive has more collective years of experience than the average age of someone in the internet marketing industry.

We have more contacts and connections than the competition. With direct access to tens of thousands of relationships built through those 7 plus years of experience, we have redundancy in many different directions.

We are special in cpa, cpl, cpc & cpi offers. Our team of experts always works hard to get better results in all type of advertising.
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