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Cbazaar-CPS( Aug 19)


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Apr 22, 2021

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Feb 29, 2020


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CBAZAAR is the world's largest online portal specializing in selling Indian ethnic wear and has buyers from 130 countries worldwide. We have 5 flagship domains listed below which cumulatively bring in approximately 5 million visits every month. We are looking for publishers can partner with us, sell our clothing, boost our revenues and help us in this growth journey.

Customer completes a purchase on CBAZAAR with valid payment.
Referral Period:-
45 day(s)
Number Of Occurrences:-
Locking Period-Standard:-
Actions lock on the 10th of the month, unless extended.

1.Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords-
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2.Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content ,, CBAZAAR.COM

Targeting :
1.Country :- For US, UK, AU, IN and Rest of the world

2.Deep Linking  No
3.JavaScript Only  No
4.Mobile Optimized  No
5.Mobile App Download  No
6.Cross Device  No

Note :
1.Final billable numbers will be as per Advertiser report.
2. Amount will be calculated in USD not in INR.

Twine Digital

About: Twine Digital

Twine Digital is a digital marketing solution company deals in performance campaigns on internet & mobile.

Twine Digital is a digital marketing solution company deals in performance campaigns on internet & mobile.
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