QuoteWizard Auto Insurance [US] (Social,Native,Banner,SEO) - CPL {M-F(8a-5p)-NoEmail} | oDigger

QuoteWizard Auto Insurance [US] (Social,Native,Banner,SEO) - CPL {M-F(8a-5p)-NoEmail}

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QuoteWizard Auto Insurance [US] (Social,Native,Banner,SEO) - CPL {M-F(8a-5p)-NoEmail}


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Auto Insurance





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Oct 14, 2021

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Oct 14, 2021


$8.00 / cpa


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Conversion Point: Valid Lead Submit Traffic accepted Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm EST) GEO: US Only Traffic Allowed: Social, Banner, Native, SEO No Brand Bidding No Network Traffic No Email No Incent No Co-Reg No Survey No SMS (including Messenger and chatbots) No Adult Restricted Media Buying Platforms - Propel Media, Allysar, Renaissance Media, Q95 Media, Ecomfy Lead Send Creatives to AM for approval Forbidden traffic types/false Advertisements Will NOT Be Paid For No mention of Covid-19, Pandemic language, etc. or images that might confuse consumers (doctors, lab coats, stock market charts, etc.) No images of car wrecks or car crashes No language about DUI’s No images of cash or checks No images of government buildings or figures No insurance company brand names or logos No refund or rebate language that may confuse consumers May use rates above $29.99/month (or $1/day or $10/week) May base ‘potential savings’ figures off of this NerdWallet Report as far as potential savings go- https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/insurance/car-insurance-basics/how-much-is-car-insurance/ -Good Language To Use- “Save up to” “As much as” “As low as” “Could save” “See if you qualify”

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SmartAdv prides itself on service and support as our state of the art infrastructure operates 24/7/365 and our account managers are at your beck and call to provide concierge service to all of our customers. Get incredible offers to monetize websites and campaigns, in addition to generating high click-through and sales ratios, not to mention excellent payouts and terms.

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