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OlympTrade RevShare


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Jul 03, 2022

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Jul 03, 2022


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The basics:

Target action: deposit of $ 10

This offer is based on the RevShare model

!! The model for calculating partner payment:

The trader you bring in, makes the deposit of $ 100 and starts trading, so you are charged 3% of his each transaction (regardless of its outcome). After the trader has fully traded his deposit and his account is empty 0, or the amount is less than the minimum amount of the transaction - you are credited with 50% of the funds spent by the trader.

Hold period requirements:

Hold for new webmasters - 30 days

The advertiser's hold is 0-15 days.

GEO: All countries except: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, Russian Federation, Brazil.

Prohibited sources: the context for the brand is forbidden, the context in adwords is forbidden

Оffer description: 

OLYMP TRADE — a professional broker company on the market of binary options. It combines many advantages and tools for trading. Thanks to the analysis of the market and the work of onher brokers, Olymp Trade has reached a new level on the field of services client trainings. Both professionals and beginners can try, as the platform has a demo-account, which can be used in parallel with the main one, and it also has  many tools for analyzing and improving your knowledge in this area.


Among the advantages of working with this broker, a low minimum deposit is worth noticing, as well as an interactive training, analytics from professional traders, аs well as a very quick responsiveness of the support service. It should be noticed that  Olymp Trade takes an active part in the development of the binary options om the Russian market.


For the convenience of our partners we integrated a lot of adaptive landings for different countries.


About: Alfaleads

Alfaleads.net – is an international CPA network for a profitable monetization of your traffic.Our company works with various vert ... Read More

Alfaleads.net – is an international CPA network for a profitable monetization of your traffic.

Our company works with various verticals of offers: commodity, games, mobile, e-commerce, dating, betting, gambling, adult, pin-submits, e-commerce and many others. There are also many very profitable and private offers specially for top adverts!

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Our work is based on our own experience with both advertisers and webmasters, so our CPA network includes all the best for the web.

1. Advances for trusted partners (yes, we actually do this).
2. Stable payments once a week.
3. High rates for offers.
4. Personal terms of cooperation (we make advances and gifts, and just appreciate every single partner).
5. Fast and qualified technical support 24/7
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