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Who is OfferAlliance, and what can OfferAlliance do for you?

OfferAlliance is a full-service advertising agency and performance-marketing network that was founded in 2005 by two brothers, Chris and Steve Scanlon. Together, Chris and Steve have more than 20-years of first-hand experience in performance marketing. Over the last seven-years, OfferAlliance has experienced steady, well-managed and consistent growth guided by long-term vision, traditional values, coupled with moral and financial responsibility. OfferAlliance is liquid. OfferAlliance publishers always get paid.

OfferAlliance has millions of dollars of their own money in liquid assets within their banking accounts. Unlike many companies that are in the news for being wreckless with money owed to their publishers and defaulting on the tremendous loans they have needed in order to pay their publishers, OfferAlliance is liquid. OfferAlliance publishers always get paid.

Anybody can beat our SOLID payouts! That is not a typo. Anybody can beat our SOLID payouts. They are most likely also scrubbing your conversions so that when all is said and done your EPC is likely to be lower than if you had run the campaign through OfferAlliance.

With SOLID payouts, you do not need to play that game.

You get paid on every lead and sale that you generate. That is why we say our payouts are “SOLID”. If you find a “higher payout” through any other network, run it… at your own risk, feel the squeeze, and get lower EPC’s than you would have had you run it through OfferAlliance. At OfferAlliance we own or we are direct with 100% of all campaigns in our network. Any other network that offers higher payouts is most likely shaving leads from your account in order to fund that extra high payout.

Feel the Source! OfferAlliance has created and operates several exclusive campaigns within the Finance, Health & Beauty, Biz-Op, Dating, Diet, Coupon, Insurance, and Education verticals. If you are a publisher, you have probably been running any number of the campaigns that we have created, and you are probably getting them from sources that are two or three levels downstream. Work with OfferAlliance directly and Feel the Source.

What does this mean to you? When working with OfferAlliance, you are working with experienced professionals that fully understand all aspects of the industry. When working with OfferAlliance, you are working directly with the source on several of the top performing campaigns within top performing verticals. When working with OfferAlliance, you are getting the full payout and skipping the middleman that has been siphoning a cut of every sale that you have made. When working with OfferAlliance, you are working with a solid, well-managed company whose long-term vision and traditional values have resulted in us having tremendous cash reserves on hand. When working with OfferAlliance, you know that you will be fully and promptly compensated (SOLID and Weekly Payouts) for your hard work.
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