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Allow me to ask why is that bad exactly? Surely more competition in a market is a good thing, that’s general Adam Smith capitalism 101. Competition creates innovation, which improves services and everyone has a good day. Unfortunately we come with bad news, CPA Networks and Internet marketing in general have been lacking innovation for quite some time, despite good competition! Still, don’t worry too much, we are here to put all that right. So we are adPulse, and yes, we are a new CPA & advertising network. But before you click away, you should probably carry on reading, we think you will like what we are about. The Team At the core of adPulse are a team of experienced internet marketers, who have all been high earning publishers themselves in the past. Backing them, are our CEO and executive team, who have nurtured start-ups and established businesses in the past, into viable and profitable ventures. These individuals combined create a powerful driving force within adPulse, ensuring that everything from offer management, to business relationships with advertisers run top notch, 24/7. The Offers We know that you want the best offers, the best EPC, the best conversions, it’s of course, only right that you want to maximise your efforts into earnings as much as possible. Our offers are continually monitored to ensure that they are performing optimally, and we constantly hunt down new, better offers for our publishers while our platform intelligently tunes live offers to deliver the best EPC possible. At present, some of our offers are delivering an EPC of over $1. The Service Service is key, and we devote a lot of time to it. Let’s face it, if something is wrong, or you have a problem and no one is around to help you solve it, that costs you earnings, which is of course, bad! We strive to ensure that at least one member of our core team is on hand at any time, who you will be able to contact via all the popular and expected methods, AIM, Skype, email and more. Once we know about your problem, we’ll move mountains to resolve it with you! The Features adPulse is packed full of them, and we have a hefty roadmap of more to come. Aside from the industry expected, our flagship features, available to anyone, are as follows: PulseLocker – Our built in gateway is advanced and can be themed with your own templates, script and CSS, which allows our publishers to have the best, most flexible content lockers anywhere. ProfilePulse – We know that many publishers have large repositories of accounts to manage, especially social accounts, application, pages etc. ProfilePulse will monitor all these accounts for you, and notify you immediately of any problems via email or SMS. The Payouts It’s all well and good earning, but what about getting it? We payout NET-15 and NET-7 schedules, the latter being for any publisher that has accrued over $1000 in the past week. Any earnings below $1000 weekly and above our $100 minimum threshold will be paid out NET-15. Earnings are paid either by wire transfer, or check. If you have any specific requirements or arrangements you’d like to discuss, let us know and we will see what we can do. The Ethics There are a lot of “behind the scenes” tricks evident in the industry that many may not be aware of, and we don’t like them. These tricks are not fair on the publisher, and they are not fair on the advertisers. For those reasons alone we will never scrub, shave, knowingly miss-track or tamper with any leads generated when it is in our control. The Perks We give all of our publishers various perks when the opportunity arises and as we think up new ones, current perks include: Proportional distribution of closed account assets of those found in breach of terms to all publishers. All overages are accumulated over time and distributed periodically to all publishers in proportion to their earnings. Basically this means you will find extra cash in your payout from time to time, as we are nice, y’know. So, you kept reading, well done and thank you for taking the time. Hopefully the above has sparked your interest a little, so why not get yourself an account over at and put some pulse back into any flat-lined earnings.
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