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GoOffers has some of the best converting affiliate offers. They acheive this by going direct with most of their advertisers. This means the highest payouts and best conversion rates for their affiliates. They have offers in all kinds of verticals including including mobile, finance, health, free trials, email submits, and more. With all these offers they are guaranteed to have an offer that is perfect for your business needs.
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  • Fucking scammers , Danny your one of the biggest scammers i know They do not pay you , They owe me thousands and owe many more that i know thousands If you join this network .... You have been warned !!!

  • I love this network. I've worked with Matomy and Global Wide, and while they are good, it's almost impossible to get a hold of an AM over there. Maybe they are too big for the small to mid size publisher like myself. With Go offers, they have a really big offer selection, payouts are great and they do not steal your commissions. I usually generate about $5k a month and recently they put me on weekly payments. Best in-class support, and well recommended by me.

  • I've been working with Go Offers for over a year now. I have done over a half million dollars with them since first joining in 2014. Don't have anything but good things to say about this company. Top tier offers, top tier payouts and fantastic on time payments. While I do not use this network exclusively for my traffic, I do give them a good portion of traffic. I currently run offers with 3 networks total, and Go Offers is right at the top! If you're looking for a premium network, this is the one!

  • WARNING!!! DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY GoOffer's PAYOUTS, OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!! I have been an affiliate marketer for over 8 years, and never experienced the BULLSHIT Customer Service I have at GoOffers. No one answers the phones, nor emails, FB, AIM, or contact forms. Yet they don't have a problem taking our money and traffic without compensation. If they do pay you, I guarantee it's not the correct amount, because they TAX YOU what they think they can get away with, and hopefully you won't complain because the payouts are higher than other networks...but that's the CATCH! I hope I never come across those 2 in a Northridge, CA. restaurant, mall, or other, because they need to be taught a lesson in honesty. The bottom line is Danny and Dolly Ali are thieves, and skim from the top without showing you evidence of why you weren't paid. They always blame the advertiser, and always drain your account just before they have to pay you, but before that they make it seem like everything is fine. Their offers might be tempting due to the high payouts, but what's the point if they always take a cut or never pay you at all! IT'S A SUCKER'S SCAM, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were selling affiliate's information to criminals on the side. All those good reviews you've read are written by friends of theirs...don't trust it. GoOffers is one of those Networks I would STAY AWAY from, because they don't play by the rules, even if you're sending legit traffic and meeting the advertiser's guidelines. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and I'm going to blast them on every possible blog, forum, and scam site I can...I am determined to let everyone know what's really going on there. And, Danny if you're reading this, GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS, and take responsibility for your business...especially when people are trusting you to do the right thing! You're nothing but a Gypsy Stealing Good People's traffic and money, then you HIDE behind your emails like a BITCH ASS COWARD!!!

  • Stay away from this scam! When you are expecting to receive your first payment they stop responding your email. They still haven't paid me a single cent of the $5000 they owe me. This is my balance: Invoice #4130 2015-02-01 21:41:52 $345.10 Invoice #4158 2015-03-01 21:38:14 $1,023.40 Invoice #4186 2015-04-01 21:37:23 $2,986.90 Invoice #4215 2015-05-01 21:43:03 $725.90 Last month $749.70 Account balance: $5,081.30 Dolly Ali is a scammer and will burn in hell!

  • STAY WAY ,SCAM DETECTED YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. After some payments promises by affiliate manager SCAMMER dolly ali,they do not pay or give any suport response.I could post were some emails sent by Dolly Ali with all promises of payment from this sick person,but after days and days,week by week.They just do not response anymore.Is better to forget then. money work lost $640 :( Stay Away from this scam network. Regards

  • Great Network! Ask for Majd to be your AM.

  • Gooffers deserves a good review, i dont usually do this but i had to come here and leave a positive review because they are such awesome people i Highly recommend gooffers. Great managers, quick response time and tons of offers and on time payment. What more can you ask for? sign up and see for your selves :)

  • I love, They have great payouts and a couple of months ago they gave me a free iPad as a bonuse :) Thanks gooffers.

  • absoluteley love Gooffers! i signed up with them over a year ago and i do not have any complaints. my account manager is awesome and always responsive and fixes any problems i come accross. also, they pay me on time every month give or take a few days but i am never dissapointed. they just got a whole bunch of new top offers so i am super excited to make more money!!!

  • Really awesome network. Their support team is very responsive, and they always make sure I get what I need. Also they have some great offers with very good payouts, higher than I've seen on a lot of networks. I've been with this network for some time and they've never given me any problems, I always get my payments on time and best of all I really enjoy working with them. Affiliates who are unsure, my advice is go with, you won't regret it!

  • killer network! best offers, best payout, and ALWAY pays on time. would def stay and do more business with gooffers, already made so much money!!

  • I think gooffers is trash affiliate network. Rating is zero or -1. gooffers Arbitrary deduct member Amount. Clicks May: 98 Payout May: $220.00 Clicks YTD: 259 Payout YTD: $580.00 Payment History Date Statement Memo Amount 2012-04-30 Invoice #1620 $0.00 deduct all. pay me $0 lol.

    • You know that like all networks they don't pay for fraudulent traffic right? I know a few affiliates who worked for Gooffers and they were running some bogus traffic and of course got their leads reversed as well because of their poor traffic quality. I on the other hand was honestly earning my way with Banner and Display, and got paid every single month. I am just backing them up because I've worked on the other end of an affiliate network before and know that there are always those guys who try to get away with their fraud leads and then leave negative reviews. not cool man. Best thing to do would be to ask for a Reversed Lead report, I'm sure they can supply something with explanations.

  • Hey Danny, how about paying us the $3k you owe us from September. We pay you for cpa traffic and you deliver nothing. You have been full of promises and delivered nothing except scam traffic from bbqautosurf. You don't pick up your phone, don't reply to messages. Pure scam artist.

  • Awesome Network! These guys know what they are doing, and their Affiliate Managers are extremely knowledgeable. They helped me scale my account 3 fold from what I was doing. They gave me some really good traffic pointers, and told me which offers to promote that will earn me the most money. I would def. recommend this network. Also, paying out on time is not an issue with this network. They are honest and upfront. Getting approved might prove to be a hassle in the beginning, as was the case with my account. But once you are in, it's well worth it.

  • A really cool network. They got good offers, good payouts and pay on time. I recommend you give them a try if you haven't already done so.

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