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Since we started back in 2009, NAMoffers has become one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the digital marketplace. We seek affiliates that have a desire to win the affiliate game and become even bigger winners.

We deliver a secure and highly professional environment with customer service as our key focus; we deliver unique and trending offers w/ high EPC's, industry insight, and tactics that bring you in the front seat. If you are serious and want to take your affiliate business to the next level - NAMoffers is your place to be.
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Michael Vincent: <a href="mailto:"></a>, Skype - mikyonam<br>Dylan Fagan: <a href=""></a>, Skype - live:dfagan91<br>Roger Harvey: <a href=""></a>, Skype – rogernamoffers

Michael Vincent: <a href="mailto:"></a>, Skype - mikyonam<br>Dylan Fagan: <a href=""></a>, Skype - live:dfagan91<br>Roger Harvey: <a href=""></a>, Skype – rogernamoffers


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  • very good partner! like to work with this network.

  • Michael is the real deal. Period. I love their layout and the accessibility of the staff. Michael is always there to lend a hand or offer up specifics on certain campaigns to help you kill it! Definitely recommended.

  • "Like a good neighbor, Frederik's there" Frederik is like that Statefarm agent, that's always there when you need him, with billing, test links, pixel issues, creative changes. The way he's made himself available is refreshing in this industry where people "disappear" for months at a time. With new networks shooting up left and right, this uncompromising level of service has become a key factor of an successful partnership, from my perspective. NAM also is one of the few networks that when it says it's international, it truly is. It holds a selection of interesting campaings that will peak interest, from Asia-Pacific to Latin America. His ongoing dedication to making my work hustle-free and our shared passion in seafood shall help to make this a long-lasting partnership.

  • NAMoffers is a fabulous network! I work with Michael over there and he is always so happy to help me in any way possible. When I tell him what is working best for us, he makes every effort to get that type of offer for us if he doesn't already have something similar. He is also very knowledgeable about what will and will not work in his network and is willing to work with you to find an offer from your network that his publishers will do well with. They have a very wide variety of offers in many different countries (even the more difficult to monetize ones), which is rare and awesome. Overall a great experience at NAM!

  • NAMoffers just launched a new website with a lot of new offers.

  • Excellent network. 5 out of 5 stars!

  • NamOffers are a great network, always pay on time and have a good choice of offers to promote. Frederik offers fantastic account management and I look forward to continuing to work with the network.

  • I have worked with NamOffers a long time and I really like this network. This is a powerful network and is one of my favorite networks. They always give us new campaigns, all offers are very good conversion. What did made ​​me really interested in this network is that he Frederik. He was a good manager and very friendly, he always online on Skype 24 / 7 and ready to answer all my questions. Also Frederik also tell me how can I do to make the big conversion. This is a good manager and this network is a great network. If you want to work with us, now sign up with them and you get great things from them.

  • The staff at Nam Offers are extremely friendly and accessible, we communicate daily and share ideas. They are a great team and are always on top of their game.

  • Thanks to the whole NamOffers team! I found NamOffers through this site and I am so glad that I did. Frederik was very nice and introduced me to my affiliate manager Matthew. Ever since day 1, Matthew has been very attentive to my needs and gets me the offers that I recommend and always responds back same day if I have any problems. They always payout on time and they even offer bonus's for bulk quality leads. If you are a publisher no need to look any more because NamOffers is all you need. You will get good customer service, on time payouts, and the best offers at the best rates! Thanks again NamOffers!

  • Its always a pleasure seeing someone do things the correct way. NamOffers is very professional and they know how to conduct business. Keep up the good work.

  • NAM Offers is one of the best networks i have come into contact since I've been in this industry. I deal with Michael Rich and he has done a tremendous job building this network. They place an emphasis on quality, responsiveness, and taking care of all parties (publishers, advertisers, ETC). He is by far my favorite person to work with and i know he has some amazing things in store for NAM. Any publisher that joins this network is lucky to have such great people looking out for their needs.

  • NAMOffers is very responsive. Our account manager is Michael Rich and he is always on top of everything and responds to emails and test pixels quickly unlike other networks where you have to wait till the full moon. I will be looking forward to working with them from here on out.

  • I have worked closely with Michael Rich, Partner/Network Manager at NamOffers on a professional level and can confidently say that he not only knows what he's talking about, but he takes great care in making sure all affiliates are well looked after. His attention to detail and ability to "get the job done" is what we all want in this industry. I recommend NamOffers to any affiliate who is looking for a network that looks after your needs and has the ability to maximize performance. Great job guys!

  • I work with Michael at NAMoffers, he's a great guy to work with! He's very knowledgeable about the industry, quick to react to problems, and very understanding about the online world overall. NAMoffers has a lot of integrity and is a network that is not only concerned about the money but also looking to build a trustworthy and reliable network.

  • I have worked with Namoffers for a couple years now. i have never had any tracking problems or issues of any sort. Evertyhing runs smoothly over there.

  • Met with these guys at Affiliate Summit East 2011 and I can say that they are the real deal. They value business relationship and integrity. I very much look forward to building my business with these gentlemen.

  • Mike Rich is awesome to work with and a 100% class act. I recommend anyone to work with him.

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can generate some income on your blogs. I recently started using NAMoffers, but had major problems on getting the right advertisements, but with the help of Frederik and Mads I solved the problem – very nice and skilled affiliate marketers.

  • Affiliate marketing is somewhat new to me, but lately I decided to go all-in and through a friend of mine I decided to have a chat with Frederik at NAMoffers. He was very helpful and within 24 hours I had my first affiliate ads online on my blog.

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