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Everywhere you turn there a big companies offering you money to simply send them traffic. Unfortunately what most people soon realize is that it is not a simple as they make it sound. Effective affiliate marketing takes an investment of time, energy and even money. Whether you are able to make an strong affiliate website or not, you need to compete with the rest of the world to promote your product or brand. Even if you dominate the competition in your niche market, you need to hope against hope that the businesses you work with will pay you and one time. And even if you get paid the companies you promote will more often than not forget about you over time and allow your traffic and your lively hood to dwindle into nothing. That is why we created VIP Affiliates.

VIP Affiliates works directly with the companies your are sending traffic to and will work ceaselessly to insure that you get paid for the customers you send. Our impeccable tracking software, used by major United States based companies such as Zyanga and Sears, makes sure you get credit for the customers you provide. Most importantly we work with you one-on-one helping you develop a product, service, or webpage that will send only the highest quality easiest to convert traffic, ensuring that you see the greatest return from your website. Our portfolio is vast and full of success stories and we want to ensure you that we can help you grow and continue to be an effective affiliate marketer.

Our affiliate network focuses primarily with Binary Options. This is new form of investment in different types of financial markets. Similar to Forex, this industry pays extremely high commissions and is quickly growing. We are looking for affiliates that would like to capitalize on the exponential growth of the Binary Options industry. Since Binary Options is simpler and safer than Forex, more lucrative than penny stocks or day trading, and has the same excitement of casinos online; we can very soon expect to see huge amounts of competition in these markets. Now is the time to capitalize on them before it is too late.

Coming from a background in different industries and working as affiliates in the past, we know better than anyone what it is like to be a 'forgotten' affiliate. Maybe your website has gotten tired, or there is too much competition for you product, perhaps your traffic is just not what it used to be; in the end its all has the same result, your not making as much money. With VIP Affiliates we help you develop your website and brand to be the most effective marketing tool that it can be. We also provide our clients with regular gifts and rewards to show how important you are to both us and the industry and to encourage a steady flow of traffic. If there is anything you want or need to help your business grow we will be there for you.

VIP Affiliates is an affiliate network built from the ground up to take advantage of new markets, find only the most trustworthy companies to work with, and most importantly provide our clients with tools, knowledge and rewards to keep them their website and traffic relevant; not just for the next few month, but the next few years. We work to make sure that as an affiliate registered to our network you will receive the best CPA possible and impeccable tracking to make sure you get credit for the customers you provide. We are VIP Affiliates and with us you are a VIP.
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