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Anastasia's Affiliate

Who we are
Anastasia’s Affiliate is your premium e-commerce partner proven in generating profit online. Enjoy rewarding commissions when you drive traffic to our leading range of international dating portals, successfully operated by the Anastasia Family of Site for over 10 years.

Dedicated service
Communication and teamwork are the reasons for our success. That’s why we promise to treat you with the genuine care, respect and attention you deserve. Our advantageous

• Monthly payment guaranteed
• Highly responsive affiliate team
• Over 10 years’ experience
• More than $1m paid in monthly commissions
• Individual rates are available
• Real-time reporting
• Clear analytical system
• Range of tested creative materials
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  • Not replying/answering to any email/calls. I have $9460 on their interface but they don't send the payment...

    • I'm considering sending them some traffic on the pay per first order plan but would like to know: 1) Did you ever get paid? 2) If so, have there been any other problems since? Thanks.

  • I'm still waiting for anastasia's reply but until now they haven't contacted me, i've been sending them a lot of emails but seems like they're ignoring me now, they said they're just having technical problem to their payment but until now they haven't sent my payment, they don't even reply to my emails, they don't even answer phone calls. I do hope they will settle and contact me asap i've been working with them for long , this is my source of income, this is the first time i encountered this with them, i wish they will prove they are not SCAM.

  • This is the biggest SCAM on the WEB. I promoted them for a year and a half, received few payments and as soon as I earned bigger commission they reversed all sales and blocked my account saying sales are fraudulent. All sales were 100% genuine and they didn't have right to do that. STAY AWAY from them and promote other advertisers.

  • Great affiliate program. Payment always in time. Support is the best ive ever seen. I will never stop working with them. Send a good traffic, and you will always be paid.

  • nice2

  • nice

  • I have to say we have been working with Anastasia for over a year and half now and Olga has been a great account manager to have . Not only does she communicate on a regular basis but we have never had any issues with payments being sent to us . I would and have recommended their affiliate program to other people.

  • The best dating affiliate program I've ever seen, great teznicheskaya support, all questions if there are always solved easily, every month pay quite regularly, generally 5 +, thanks to Olga. Best Regards, Aleksandr.

  • The problem: they make affiliates work on false data. The fact: I work with paid traffic, so my job is to analyze data and follow the traffic that make conversion. The Anastasia Console returned me for near two month all the subIDs "accepted" as conversion. In this moment on my Anastasia Account there's Unpaid Balance of $625. I have the stats of all the subIDs that made a conversion. Now I come to know that they will pay me only $65. Why? because Olga, the AM, check manually all the leads and see that they don't match with what they want ( the IP is not the same of the country of the form, there's problems with gender, etc… ). I can't believe why the system doesn't check automatically these parameters so to return the real data to the affiliates! As I wrote her: "for me was not a problem if your console didn't accept the leads, really. But in that way, I fed the traffic sources that your system told me was profitable. Is insane to make your affiliates work on false data. This thing seems unquestionable." These the facts, then everyone makes their own opinion.

    • The end of the story: In a final email exchange Olga, told me that the fault, for the wrong data, was their and now their engineering department was working to fix it, but even so, they could not pay me the leads. They pay only $65 ad not $625 as they should. This is a SCAM! PS: look under Olga reply a user with a new comment and put herself a 5 stars!!!

  • This is the program that first got me into AM and so I have fond memories. Still run some numbers for russian dating as its a particular specialty of mine. If you understand a little about their business its pretty easy to dig up traffic for not too many pennies and turn it into dollars. Never had any issues with payments. They have been in business for a long time and they always answer my mails within 24 hours at least. Trusted service.

  • Hi Jason, I think you are Jason with whom we have discussed the issue. If not, please email me at and I will be glad to help you out. All the best, Olga Saburova Affiliate Program manager

    Olga Saburova
  • I'm trying to contact these guys through AIM / Skype / Email. These guys owe us some money and they did not answer my email, not online, all my emails are being ignored. Anyone who receives payment from this network ?

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