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WOW Trk is a powerful performance-based internet marketing network dedicated to advertisers to consumers through its powerful affiliate network with offers in over 6 countries.

For Advertisers, we offer an extensive network of website and e-mail distribution. Our network currently advertise a range of companies in all kinds of industries. Advertisers pay only for the results they achieve on a cost per click, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, or cost per impression basis, as well as combinations of those models. So you only pay when you get a ‘real’ result, we take the risk out of advertising.

For website owners (affiliates), WOW Trk generates high revenues per impression promoting compelling offers from quality brands in graphical formats that complement the affiliates’ sites and add value for their customers. We have many exclusive offers with high payouts in a range of categories so you are sure to find something relevant to promote!

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  • Negativi Inizialmente hanno cominciato a chiedermi informazioni sul mio traffico che io ho dato . Poi per non pagare mi hanno chiuso l'account improvvisamente Poca serietà poca professionalità solo dei ciarlatani

    • Hi Giueseppe, I am sorry you feel this way but this isn't actually a true account of what happened. Our compliance team asked you to provide information about your traffic, you refused to provide this. You asked the compliance team to close your account, they asked if you were sure that you wanted to close your account in which you replied you were, as you did not want to provide information about your traffic. We, therefore, complied with this request and closed your account.

  • Great network and very kindly support team. Payments always on time and never had any problem with them. Also, have a lot of helpful tools like browser extension and my favorite one: WordPress Plugin If you need fast approval you could use my referrer link, can help you with approval process

  • I want to work with U so send me your AM skype i will talk with him

    • Hi Hanif, Apologies I missed this comment. When you login to your account you will find all your account managers details including their Skype on the left hand side. If you are not an existing affiliate you can contact our support team via email or phone, you can find all our contact information here: Hope this helps :)

  • i would like to try this one...anyone who can ping me aside Reece Mallett... he is not constant response with me.. hope they can open new offer and good offer i would like to send alot of traffic on it

    • This is a scam network. They never paid me. i am working with 2 Month he is Not paid i have Balance 250 Pond i am sale 2 Binary Offer he never paid its SCAM

    • Hi geobertson! Have you tried emailing Reece? He should usually get back to you within a day, most of the time same day. You can also email our support team - who will respond within 24 hours. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help :)

  • good network!

    • Glad you like WOW Trk, papercutz! Shame you only gave us 1 star out of 5 though :( Any reason as to why? Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to improve.

  • good network, payouts in time and great help from Reece when i need something i mainly work with CPA offers in the Australian and Singapore market

  • Awesome Network, Working with them since 1 year and they always pay me on time awesome support always reply.

  • Never get paid From wowtrk, my ID 18517

    • A best advertising network is a good network. I don't think so.

    • On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 3:15 PM , I replyed the first program of them. On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 11:19 PM , I replyed the second program, On Mon, Sep 30, 2014 at 10:25 AM, I write a letter to, but ,no reply to me . By this time, I answered all questions of them,and changed my payment method. You told me the mails maybe lost, a helth&dating site can't have the gaming traffic, are you sure? The gaming traffic form emails to the site, It's not possible??

    • Hi Frank, Yes when an account is flagged, we send out an email requesting additional information so that we can investigate the traffic. Regarding PayPal we do require affiliates to verify their address before we make payments by PayPal. We send a letter out in the post before your first payment is due, if you fail to verify your address, we do issue additional letters on request. When we mentioned to you about verifying your address and asked why you did not do this (We pointed out its a letter sent in the post), you came back to us and said 'I checked the paypal issue of validation email, the server rejected the mail', which makes no sense since its a letter sent out in the post. I can see you emailed compliance a few days ago and have yet to have a response, delays can sometimes occur especially when you don't provide the information we request, we have to take a much more detailed manual look into your traffic. I will make sure someone from compliance gets back to you as soon as possible detailing your traffic and why it was classed as fraudulent. Compliance will go into detail with you regarding, but I had a quick look again. Just at glance its obvious the traffic is not legitimate, 100% of the leads came from the homepage of a website that is in English about health. Yet all 100% of your leads were from Germany for an online game. All your leads came through over the space of a 4 day period, each day between the hours of 16:00 to 18:00. I sent you over an email personally on the 4th October asking for you to send me over information and I would look into it more for you, however you never did. Thanks.

    • When you can be paid, they AM need your provide the following: 1) Form of ID 2) A link to your social profile e.g Facebook profile. 3) Website URLs of where you are promoting WOW Trk offers. 4) Contact details of another network or advertiser you have worked with in the past as a reference. ok, that's the first program, the second they AM will tell you the traffic is not good, your paypal is not verify. the third, they AM will tell you that all the leads you delivered show very high signs of frauds,they don't want to pay you. so ,can you understand? Please stop using this shady organization. We ran tests across a dozen affiliate networks and they were the worst. Bad payouts, horrible affiliate managers…can’t say much about their management. Don't be attracted to their ads. If you work for them, you will get nothing.

    • Hi Frank. I had a look into your account further for you, as we always pay affiliates who send legitimate traffic. I can see that all the leads you delivered show very high signs of frauds. I have sent you an email though, so we can investigate this further and if the traffic you delivered was not fraud I will make sure this is processed ASAP. Thanks.

  • Amazing Network That have good Offers & "HIGH PAYOUT" i really recommend it to start with if u have good Quality of UK Traffic . This is my Earning so far :

  • Regularly use WOWTrk for CPA offers, Payments always on time every month without fail and there is always support available if you need it. Highly recommended! :)

    • This is a scam network. They never paid me. i am working with 2 Month he is Not paid i have Balance 250 Pond i am sale 2 Binary Offer he never paid its SCAM

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