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Together Networks

Together Networks is a market leader in the casual segment of the online dating industry. The company owns such casual dating sites as,,,, and All our services are available both as web and mobile sites. Nowadays with 110 million member base across 50 countries on 4 continents, a portfolio of well-known and established dating sites that have been around for years and our team's significant industry experience we represent a considerable segment of the dating business.

Together Networks offers you to join its popular affiliate network to promote its websites. Our affiliate network has everything an affiliate is looking for:

1) Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale and Lifetime RevShare models available
2) Web and mobile offers with TOP payouts for 10+ countries
3) Weekly payments option, timely and reliable payments
4) 5% referral program
5) Quality promo tools (banners, LPs, etc.) that are updated regularly
6) Detailed stats with all the info you need to analyze your ROI
7) Responsive and professional AMs
8) Over $36M paid out to affiliates last year

At this point Together Networks offer you payouts of up to $13 per lead, $190 per sale, and lifetime revenue share (60% of first-time AND recurring sales). However, these rates are not fixed, which means that if you have high volume or high converting traffic, you can contact your affiliate manager, and Together Networks will offer you exclusive higher rates.

Right now Together Networks buys traffic coming from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, and Brazil. But keep checking in with us because we launch new geos regularly. Affiliates from ANY country are welcome to join the network!

Questions? Problems? Email the manager or Skype
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  • Wonderful network, very professional people. They send good traffic!

  • i am nazmul i am need upforitnetworks account please help..

  • Together Networks is a SCAM BETWORK from China. I got $10k plus pending since May 2016 and they are unresponsive and they don't pay.

  • Haven’t received payment for over 3 months. They were coming up with all kinds of excuses and eventually stopped responding.

  • Hello All my friend I know this is best network in this industry But i can't approve to work this network .I don't know what is the problem why My account is not approve...

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  • This organisation are actually thieves. They will set customers up to reveal their credit details and then proceed to remove funds from peoples accounts illegally. So by all means join up with a organisation that steal monies. I guess most only think of themselves and their profits. Don't care that they are dealing with thieves.

  • These group of Dating Services for Singles would have to be the fastest growing places for people to surf the net and find that special someone in their life that could ignite that flame or rekindle the flame that they thought had gone out by meeting with such a bevy of beauties from all walks of life and nationalities. Both from here and around the globe an d that's what makes all off these sites from Cupid plc the most sought after everywhere on the Internet as i can speak from experience

  • Just wanted to give a shout out to Alex and Anna, They're both incredibly professional and responsible individuals. It's no wonder that Cupid PLC stays so competitive in the dating niche. I've been running their offers since day 1 and coudn't be happier, thanks guys! -Kevin

    • I just see and read your review I'm new in this line.can you how you did the campaign?

  • Working direct with Cupid PLC is the best thing I've done. They have no doubt some of the best offers there is in the dating industry with their amazing payouts and conversion rates. The fact that they pay weekly is really good for me for cashflow when you work with high volumes. The AM's are very helpful and always try to work out how we can increase revenue for both parts. I highly recommend Cupid if you are a serious dating affiliate.

    • I like the way you write this post,can you show me how you did? I'm new

  • I can highly recommend working together with Cupid PLC! They have the knowledge AND the offers to bring you to the next level. My AM (Ievgeniy) has been very helpful with giving me insights and tips. Also, the response time when you have a question is top notch. It's no wonder I've been hitting 4 figures daily consistently from the moment I started working with them.

  • Great company to work with direct - some awesome payouts and no problems with getting payments on time. They will actively help you increase volume and support is always there when you need it without being on your back 24/7 like some other networks. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take the dating vertical to the next level.

  • Cupid PLC is one of the best networks out there I must say. They have offers that can convert like a wet dream - especially Benaughty. The best thing is, once you have a successful campaign, you can scale to other countries easily because they have the offer made available in a lot of countries. Furthermore, my AM has the top notch support I've ever seen. He's always there for me and help me in hitting 6 figures per month. They don't scrub, and willing to work long term with affiliate. If you are looking for a dating network to work with, do remember Cupid PLC and ask for Ievgeniy as your AM. You'll not regret it!

    • Please send me AM skype id

  • Working direct with Cupid PLC is great! You get higher payouts, reliable payments (weekly for volume) and the AM's there are some of the most helpful people in the industry. Highly recommended if you have dating traffic.

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