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Tapgerine is an international mobile ad tech company for publishers to monetize mobile traffic. Our aim is to create the most effective platform for monetizing and buying mobile traffic.

Since its establishment in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Tapgerine has cooperated with mobile developers and ad networks, built a reputation of a trusted company with engaged dedicated account managers.

Tapgerine works on CPI&CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

The benefits offered by Tapgerine include:
• Top campaigns with highest payouts from over 200 countries
• Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support
• In-house real-time platform
• Variety of Payment Methods (Paypal, Wire Transfer, Epayments, ACH)
• 2000+ TOP performing offers
• Exclusive promotional creatives
• Direct Offers in all verticals (Gaming, Dating, Adult, Social, Utilities, Gambling)
• Best Coverage in Tier 1 countries!
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  • I was a newbie to CPA marketing almost a year ago. But Tapgerine’s managers and support team were always helpful. Now I can say that they’re much better than any other networks I’ve worked with. They’ve got good offers with a great choice of geos. Tapgerine is the best I’ve tried. I'd like to say thanks very much to Olga, my manager. She always answers my questions quickly and competently.

  • Really surprised to see some of reviews here. Never had any problem working with them, especially related to payments. Maybe there really was some problems a year ago, I wasn’t a part of the network yet. But the only one issue I faced for these months was 2 days delay due to bank issues. Except for this, the platform seem to grow and develop even more ways to earn extra coins.

  • I have tried messaging on Skype over and over again to my AM with no response at all. It's like other reviewers have said come payment time these guys go radio silent. Not very happy with the support, only time they have contacted me was to say "can you push more traffic to the offer". Never once did they say or mention about quality traffic. They just never respond back at all.

  • Absolutely unprofessional people. Didn’t pay for April service yet. No reply on skype/email and even phone. Avoid this company if you want to save your time and money.

    • Tapgerine is a trusted network by many affiliates. What is your affiliate ID? The only reason our support does not reply is being blocked for fraud.

  • I’ve never given out a bad review to any network, and I didn’t think I would start soon. But in this case – this is ONE NETWORK you want to stay away from. If you do decide to work with them, don’t expect them to return your phone calls / emails when payment time comes. They will completely go dark, and your emails will be ignored. When they do decide to return your email after a few months, it will sound something like…sorry we are still resolving your numbers, and the Advertiser is not responding to us. I hate to say it, but this appears to be another SCAM Network. They may not even be in business anymore (who knows). There are a TON of other good networks out there, and this is not one of them. If you wish to throw your traffic away and not be paid at the end of it, then perhaps you can sign up to their system.

    • Hi, stephen367. Could you write the name of your affiliate manager? The publisher - stephen367 - wasn't found in Tapgerine's base. Cases of non-payment are rare for our company and have compelling reasons. Let's try to clarify the situation. Contact with our head of publisher's department - vitaliy@tapgerine.com

    • I had sent several emails to vitaliy@tapgerine.com , but no any response. I don't think tapgerine have a good support.

    • my affiliate manager is Stas Kalach, Skype: stas.tapgerine,e-mail: stas@tapgerine.com

  • Great network :) Love working with them

    Edge360 Limited
  • Good guys, the only issue is that it takes more than 30 days to pay

  • A good network with good offers. No problems on payments to date. Good customer service too. Would like to continue working with them.

  • My experience with Tapgerine can be summarized by one experience: My bank had some issues and my payout was delayed. I emailed my affiliate manager and the problem was solved. Easy as that. No need to pull teeth. No need for drama. I wish things were this easy with the other mobile affiliate programs I promote. Seriously.

  • There are many offers at Tapgerine. I worked with your network in 3 months. I always would like to cooperate with Tapgerine in long time. So could you check some invoices for me: #5421, #5821 Best regards

  • After getting burned by a so-called 'solid' mobile affiliate program in the past, I was very skeptical of Tapgerine. I thought their interface was too easy and their offers too good to be true. Well, guess what, this program made me a believer. In fact, Tapgerine restored my faith in mobile traffic programs overall. They don't engage in many of the games and plain old BS other mobile affiliate programs mess with. Instead, they feature great offers which convert well. I am so glad I heard about this program.

  • Tapgerine doesn't make wild promises. They offer decent payouts. And they pay on time. I've been getting paid like clockwork ever since I joined. Of course, your traffic has to be 100% real. If you're a scammer, go elsewhere.

  • Good network. I never had any problem with them

  • Most of the mobile affiliate programs I've tried in the past didn't make me much money because it seems their landing pages aren't intended to convert. For some reason, I'm converting better with Tapgerine than with all the other mobile programs I've joined. I hope this continues because the conversion rate I'm getting is nothing short of awesome!

  • What's the point of joining a mobile affiliate network when all the offers are the same or they suck-conversionwise? Tapgerine features some of the best converting offers I've promoted. So far, I am thrilled with the results.

  • Converting mobile traffic can be a crapshoot. This is especially true with international traffic. Tapgerine's offers have given me the conversion rates I've been looking for. I wish I had to extra arms so I can give this rare gem of a program FOUR THUMBS UP!

  • I know there are many mobile traffic programs out there. In fact, in many cases, it feels like there are too many. Sadly, some have interfaces that are very confusing. Tapgerine's system is very easy to figure out. You know which offers are available. You know what payouts are available. Tapgerine's clarity and ease of use is definitely a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend them to all affiliates.

  • The best affiliate network i used. i love the tools they offer. Their API are easy for use, too many i want to share with you on odigger, but i had to make money now, i want to earn more!

  • Tapgerine is the best network for me. More offers and high payout rate. I’m so grateful I found this website.

  • All in all, Tapgerine has been a pleasure to work with. Give them a chance and you will be more than pleased with their network.

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