Zero Parallel: The One-Stop Lead Shop

zlogo Zero Parallel is a short-term loan affiliate network. They’re known as a “one-stop lead shop,” but you could also easily consider them your last stop. That’s because you won’t need to test out any other affiliate network after you have worked with Zero Parallel. They provide you with the resources and tools to succeed.

There are a handful of qualities affiliates look for in affiliate networks. They want to make sure they work a reliable company that offers them the benefits that they feel like they deserve. That’s precisely how Zero Parallel was designed. Zero Parallel, with its high payouts, extensive experience, and wealth of benefits for its affiliates, makes them a prime affiliate program that is in a league of its own.

The Benefits of Zero Parallel

The process of working with an affiliate network is simple. The affiliates generate traffic (leads), which is then connected with a lender who can provide a loan. The affiliate then earns a commission when the lead is sold. The dollar amount for this CPL (cost per lead) commission depends on the quality of the lead, but has a range of upwards of $200.

So, why should you work with Zero Parallel? What makes them better than all the other affiliate networks? The answer is easy. Zero Parallel is a “network” in the true sense of the word. They work with a massive network of lenders. If you are generating quality traffic, you must work with a network that has a great network of lenders behind them as well, so that eligible borrowers are connected with lenders. Zero Parallel is interested in fostering long-term relationships with both affiliates and lenders. That’s their key for success.

Zero Parallel also makes use of a proprietary lead tracking system, which is a major plus for any affiliate. It’s robust and offers you extensive analytics. It’s a peek inside your efforts. Their payments are also structured on a weekly basis with a two-week hold, which can be reduced to one week for qualified affiliates. The minimum payment threshold for ACH and wire transfers is $1,000. The minimum for checks, PayPal, or WebMoney payments is $100.


The opportunities don’t stop there. The affiliates that work with Zero Parallel can further monetize their traffic with the DIRECT CALL program. This means that you can make more money off your mobile traffic by having consumers connect with lenders directly over the phone. Zero Parallel can provide you with a phone number that you can place on your website or as a widget. It’s been a proven success for many of their affiliates and again shows how Zero Parallel is continuously looking for ways to keep their affiliates satisfied.

If you are interested in working with a premiere affiliate network, consider signing up as an affiliate with Zero Parallel now.

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