Why are so many Super Affiliates flocking to Cupid plc Network? Cupid insider reveals all!

Cupid plc Network

Cupid plc's network of dating offers is the largest in the industry for one simple reason: Cupid produces brandable affiliate friendly offers that convert. 

Cupid plc has paid out $10s of millions in commissions to affiliates since their founding in 2005. Super successful offers such as BeNaughty.com and Flirt.com are all part of the Cupid stable. 

Cupid recently upgraded their in house affiliate network and it's growing like wildfire. Alex Liman of Cupid explains why super affiliates are flocking to Cupid plc Network to reap the rewards of working directly with the hottest dating advertiser in the business.

Thanks for being here with us today Alex. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your role at Cupid plc and how did you get started in performance marketing?

I work as a Business Development Manager. Basically, my key role in the company is to reach out to the affiliate community, keep in touch with people, promote our affiliate program, and recruit new affiliates. So I work as a sort of liaison between affiliates and our account managers. Even though I don't directly manage their accounts, quite often affiliates reach out to me with their questions and concerns. Also, I'm the one in charge of our affiliate program advertising.

I started with Cupid plc back in 2010 as an affiliate manager. That time I was responsible for Facebook traffic for our dating apps there. Later I took a break from work and went back to school to earn my Master's degree. But in early 2012 I rejoined the company and has been working in my current position ever since.

Cupid plc is a dominant force in the industry. Why do so many super affiliates choose you over other networks?

There are quite a few reasons for that. First, Cupid plc is a well-known company in the dating niche. We've been in this business for a while now, established our own brand, and have years of business success.

Our company have earned its good reputation and trust among affiliates. Second, people know about our reliability. We use HasOffers tracking platform (one of the industry leaders) to make sure that the stats for the affiliate program is accurate. And of course, we actually pay our affiliates and do so on time. Third, we offer a great combination of high converting dating sites and pretty generous payouts. Our affiliates know that they're promoting quality products and get paid a good price for their traffic.

On our side we too make sure that affiliates are successful with us by constantly improving our sites, creating new great promo tools (banners and landing pages), and giving our affiliates quality support on any issues they want us to address (including adjusting their rates upwards, if they send us high converting traffic). We buy traffic from many countries, so that a lot of affiliates find it convenient to run the same sites all over their available geos. Finally, many affiliates like the opportunity to work directly with the advertiser, while running our offers. In this case we offer our newest products and features to direct partners first, and it's easier to communicate and find solutions. Moreover, when we work with affiliates directly, we avoid a middleman, which means that we can pay our partners whatever their traffic generates on our own sites in full without any commissions or fees that other networks may explicitly or implicitly charge them. When super affiliates consider all these factors, they don't hesitate to run our offers.

What is one thing Cupid plc does better than any other network?

I would say a perfect balance of all things I've mentioned above: reputation and reliability, quality products, great offers, high payouts, and responsive team. Together all these things help us to stand out against other networks.

How did Cupid plc first get started?

The company itself was established in 2005, and initially heavily concentrated on its domestic market - the UK. We had only a few dating websites in the mainstream niche targeted mainly at the British users. However, smart and energetic management, quick expansion of the dating niche, as well as heavy investment in our development helped us to grow enormously over just a few years. We became leaders in the online dating industry in the UK and Ireland, and made a decision to enter and expand in other English-speaking countries, such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others. We launched many new products not only on the web, but also on Facebook and on different mobile platforms.

In 2010 Cupid plc went through IPO on London Stock Exchange and became a public company. Meanwhile, we kept growing and entering new markets, mostly European ones: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Netherlands. Also, we pay a great deal of attention to our business in two emerging markets: India and Brazil. Overall, we have grand far-reaching plans for the future, and we believe that solid partnership with our affilites is one of the factors that will help us to achieve our goals.

Why should affiliates consider promoting in the dating space?

I can underscore that traffic sources and targeting matter. Sit down and think where and what audience you should target and bring to our sites, so that your traffic will convert well. I've previously heard how some affiliates complaint that our sites or affiliate program aren't good because their traffic doesn't convert well. In this case I usually say: look, there are people who use the same sources as you do (say, Facebook or PlentyOfFish), but they make thousands of dollars with us and become rich. This means that they do something you don't. Don't send women who are looking for marriage and romance to our casual websites, or don't try to convince a guy who's looking for a casual relationship to register on the websites where he can find his one and only love. Hence, another important tip - keep optimizing and nurturing your campaigns. Think about ways to improve them, to find some niche where traffic converts exceptionally well. Dating affiliates compete very very hard to get good traffic and to sell it with profit. The smartest and the most hardworking ones usually win.

How many different dating sites do you operate?

We divide our products (no matter whether it's a website, mobile sites, or a Facebook dating app) in two big groups: mainstream and casual ones. Mainstream sites (such as Cupid.com and GirlsDateForFree.com) are mostly meant for people who are looking for serious relationships, romance, and/or marriage. Casual sites (such as BeNaughty.com and Flirt.com) are the places where our users can seach for some casual encounters and fun. Also, we're currently actively growing the so-called "niche sites", such as the ones targeted at mature audience (such as LoveAgain.com and MatureDatingUK.com), Black (such as BlackMatch.com), Christian (such as UKChristianDate.com) and lesbian (such as PlanetSappho.com) communities. In total, if you count all our web and mobile sites, and Facebook apps, we offer 20+ online dating products to promote.

We're dying to know... how much do top affiliates make?

Ah, it's probably the key question of the entire interview, right? To be honest we can't disclose the exact numbers for confidentiality reasons. But I want to reassure you that our TOP affiliates make thousands of dollars in commissions DAILY.

C'moooooon, what's the largest check you have ever sent to an affiliate?

Haha, again guys, I have to say that it's confidential. I just want to mention that our TOP affiliates make six figures per month.

What are your most popular offers at the moment?

I can point at BeNaughty.com in the casual niche and at Cupid.com in the traditional niche across all platforms (web, mobile, Facebook apps). They works especially well for the traffic from such countries as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France.

What is your fasted growing offer?

On the web we're actively growing our niche websites I've mentioned above, especially the mature ones. At this point of time for mature dating sites we still mostly buy traffic from the UK and Ireland, but we're actively expanding in the U.S. too. In the mobile space I can mention BeNaughty.com mobile site (traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France works the best). And overall BeNaughty both on web and mobile platforms is still the biggest and most popular offer so far.

How do you keep you payouts so high?

The answer is pretty simple: because the traffic converts well. This happens because our sites are good, people are willing to register and use them to find a date. The fact that traffic converts well means that we can successfully monetize our users. Since we're able to do so, we can offer our affiliates good payouts for their traffic.

Tell us a story about an affiliate who found success with Cupid

Just like in case with money sums you've asked me about, I can't really mention particular names here, because it's a private information. However, I can say that there are plenty of affiliates whose business has really picked up after they started working with us. Just go to our network page at oDigger.com and check out what our current affiliates have to say about us. There are just a few riviews so far, since we got featured on this great website not so long ago, but there are more to come. In any case these stories represent just a small portion of all affiliates who're happy to work with us.

What are the most popular traffic sources for Cupid offers

Social networking sites (Facebook and the likes), other dating sites, dating blogs and directories, sites where men are the main audience. In general, you can think of any site where the audience in one or another way is interested in dating.

How is dating in the mobile space coming along? Do you have any mobile offers?

Mobile dating is growing really really fast. I don't have to tell you guys how the entire Internet is going mobile these days. The same thing happens to the online dating, too. All our major and biggest websites at the moment have their mobile versions, that affiliates can promote. As I've said before, BeNaughty.com mobile site is the hottest mobile offer we have (traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France works the best).

What kind of tracking do you guys offer?

We've recently transferred to HasOffers platform, which is one of the industry leaders right now. It's well-known, reliable, and widely-trusted. We want to make sure that each and every lead or sale our affiliates make is tracked, and that our partners get paid fairly for doing their business with us.

What kind of support does Cupid plc offer?

Once you sign up in our system you can get in touch with me, and let me know that you're interested in working with us. After we have a brief chat and I figure out your interests and needs, as well as the ways we can cooperate, I'll transfer you to a dedicated account manager, who will take care of your campaign and will assist you with any future questions or problems, will help to grow your campaign and make it efficient. The best way to reach me is to email me at alex.liman@cupid.com or get in touch with me via AIM: oleksiiliman.

What kind of payment methods does Cupid plc offer?

We pay our affiliates by check, wire, PayPal, or Payoneer. It's up to them to choose. We have the options of monthly (NET-15) or weekly payments.

Are you running any specials or promotions at the moment?

In our most recent email blast with oDigger.com I offered affiliates an incentive: to sign up using the unique link and get a 10% higher rate for our pay-per-sale BeNaughty offer for the traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. People did register and seemed to like the idea. So I've decided to extend the offer for this interview too. If you join Cupid plc Network using the unique link below you'll become the part of this incentive program and get the 10% bonus.

Hurry up, and sign up NOW!



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