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1BetterNetwork is a boutique affiliate network with a promising up side. I spoke with one of their affiliate managers last week as he explained why they live up to their name and took me on a behind the scenes tour of their network.

How did you get started with 1BetterNetwork?

The CEO is a close friend of mine, we were together when the idea of a network came to mind and I was more than happy to jump on board as well - I've always been a geek so this work seemed very appealing to me. It turned out that organizing a bunch of people is really a pleasure for me too. I really do like to help affiliates as well - it's just awesome to see how someone is earning more and more with each day.

Walk us through a day in your life.
For the time it takes me to get to work I already have 4 to 10 new ideas about tools/reports/tips I can share and develop. By the end of day I've usually realized 2 of them and placed the base of another 3 for the next day. I love my job, so that's pretty much all I do when I'm not sleeping.

What is the best thing about working with 1Better?
Feels like a second home to me. We're a small team and resolve all issues together. There's always someone to watch your back here.

What makes 1BetterNetwork different and unique?
Well, we usually like to return the favor. So if you are honest and let us know what you would like to get (really) we will do everything we can for you. We're dedicated to the people dedicated to us. If we're happy with you as an advertiser, affiliate or future partner, you will receive campaigns, payouts, payment terms, rewards and bonuses made explicitly for you and your work will truly be appreciated. I really believe our attitude is a good base for long-term relationships and we strive to be helpful with anything you may need.

What types of offers do you have for affiliates at 1Better?
Pretty much all types. Incentives, short-form submits, 1st page submits, Auto, Insurance, EDUs, Games, Downloads, Dating, Entertainment, International, Biz Opps. There's no vertical we don't work on.

What types of offers and verticals are hot for you at 1BetterNetwork right now?
Incentives, short-form submits, EDUs, Dating, Games.

Are you running any international offers?
Yes, we're adding international offers for new countries every day.

You guys are very picky about which affiliates you accept into 1BetterNetwork. Why so picky and how does this benefit your affiliates?
We're picky for approvals on both ends - we just want to make sure we can offer the publishers/advertisers what they want. All cards must be on the table before you get in. If I catch a pub telling a lie in the beginning and then find out the truth - I do give "extra" points for affiliates like that and they're going on my "special" list. Doesn't matter if you have no experience or you have plenty - let us know what you want from the start so we don't waste each other's time. We simply can or can't work with you, either way - we'll be happy to discuss anything you want before you join.

Your tracking with HasOffers is airtight. Tell affiliates why this is an advantage for them.
Well, HasOffers is a neat platform to begin with. They give you a chance to use simple reports, statistics and tools to check your traffic. Affiliates can monitor their traffic just as well as I can, therefore can remove anything suspicious I am seeing. It's all made very easy-to-work-with and tidy. You have absolutely all the basics you may need in a system to make sure you deliver quality - pretty much no unnecessary data and a nice proxy detection - it's as simple as that.

You guys strive to keep your team small. What are the advantages of having a small tight knit team?
Like I said, we're pretty much a family in the network. If one person has a problem, all the others will be there to help him solve it.

What types of tools and guidance do you offer your affiliates?
I do like to advise affiliates personally, they can pick via AIM, email or something else. If I notice a significant change of traffic, I do release a mass mail to all of them to let them know what the best tactic for them would be in order to keep the advertisers happy. They're absolutely free to consider my advice or not, either way - I'll be happy to help and see some efforts on their end - that always forces me to protect them in front of the advertisers if they have an issue with traffic quality or amounts of traffic. I'm gladly sending them personalized reports as well to see what the traffic issues may be and what is showing as a bad strategy in promotion.

What kind of payment terms do you have for affiliates?
We normally work on Net-30. I make exceptions for affiliates that generate more than $3,000 a month.

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