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At Wewe Media NUMBERS = PERFORMANCE. We know advertisers and affiliates care a great deal about numbers. We do too.

Our machine learning robot processes complex algorithms based on many data metrics such as geos, carriers, OSes and more to serve the best performing offers and target the right users.

Every single campaign and offer we have are assigned their unique own robots for maximum results.

We place a huge emphasis on creating valuable relationships. Clients' interests are our foremost priorities.

Due to ever-changing landscape of our industry, we seek to stay lean, flexible, but robust, and constant learning to stay ahead.

Our numbers determine how well we have done.

We evaluate performance in terms of ECPMs, CRs, ROIs, revenue, RRs and more, KPIs that are important to our clients. We know data does not lie.

We innovate to cater to the ever-changing industry and to bridge certain gaps. That is why we are constantly evolving, from manual optimization in our early days to developing and using machine learning technology now, as well as reinventing relevant products that take the fuss out of our clients.

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