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ValuLeads is all about quality and customer satisfaction. Our network does not allow offers to be incentivized. Our goal is to produce nothing but valuable leads for our advertisers, and we know that running incentive campaigns usually results in a handful of faulty leads. If you are a publisher please fill out an application to set up a free consultation. Your affiliate manager will call you to discuss what offers to run, and how we can work together to make you some money. We have years of experience building campaigns and setting up new affiliates with reachable goals and guiding them through the process. If you are an advertiser, please email or apply as well. You will be contacted immediately by top management to discuss and plan how to target your advertisement and get those valuable leads rolling in.
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Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $50
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net-15 Standard
Payment Method: Check / Wire / ACH
Phone Numbers: 1 (860) 578-4207 / fax (860) 331-8849
Referral Commission: 3%
Network Platform: HasOffers
Affiliate Manager AIM: Valuleadskopac
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  1. Review By: Travis W.

    love VALULEADS! exclusive network, best exclusive offers, best payouts, best conversion %, best customer service. not sure what else i need to say other than, what are you waiting for?!

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