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At Triad Media Inc., they believe ideas and understanding ultimately define success within the online advertising and marketing space. They offer a unique mix of experience, technology, innovation and strategic vision to help businesses understand their customers and drive revenues. What results is a bustling marketplace regularly connecting hundreds of advertisers with thousands of publishers.
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Triad Media Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS / CPC
Frequency: Net - 15 / Net - 30
Payment Method: Check / Wire / ACH
Phone Numbers: 1-888-669-9650
Referral Commission: 3%
Network Platform: LinkTrust
Affiliate Manager AIM: Zachary Ray, Ryan Friesner
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20 Reviews for Triad Media

  1. Review By: herbshack

    Getting ripped ~11 thousand dollars right now by these guys. They’re supposed to send a report on the 25th but just ignore me when I ask for it. Looks like the reviews are all true unfortunately. Don’t work with them.

    • A little update here: Zach said that he has the report while Ryan lied to me saying that they hadn’t received it not knowing his partner already told me they had it in hand. Blatant lies from these guys!

  2. Review By: webtools


    I have started this review in the idea of sharing with other potential users who might think of using triadmedia as affiliate for their website.

    I have applied an account with them, i have quickly been approved ( that was a little suspicious because not every affiliate approves you that quickly ) and started promoting triad media offers.

    I had a great % of conversions and sales promoting different products, i have managed to earn in a half a month around 300 usd. I have been lately paid, after sending tons of email throught triadmedia contact support page, to exactly a guy called Zachary Ray. He is posting his phone number on the website but he doesn`t answer once. All you get is his voicemail.

    Anyways, i have been paid, so i thought i will go for one more month promiting triad media offers, in the idea that this lately paid was because my account was new and maybe first time things move slowly and the next month i will receive payment in time.

    So after the second full month, i have manged to raise over 400 usd and guess what happened? NO MONEY FOR ME….ZACHARY RAY WAS NEVER TO BE FOUND!!! NOT EVEN ON HIS FACEBOOK PROFILE ( that is being updated daily with his offers and products ).

    So i want you to belive me on this one…and if you don`t you should try for yourself, and you will see how will you be ripped of by some internet guy called Zachary Ray.


    If there are other guys who happened the same thing, please post your briefly message so others can learn from our trust and lost money deal.

  3. Kathleen Jordan
    Review By: Kathleen Jordan

    I have been working with Triad Media for a few months now. Payments have been on time and AM’s are responsive. This is a great network to start with if you’re new to the affiliate space.

  4. Review By: Gary

    Good to work with, very responsive and pays on time. Can’t ask for more!

  5. Duy PhanThe
    Review By: Duy PhanThe

    Hey .

    I am working for the Triad network within two years, Triad is very good, offers high lead campaigns. I am honored to be working with the management Mr Zachary Zay . the support from Zach is always fast and thorough .

    That makes me work better and get paid over $ 15,000. We’ll work with Triad and develop more because we are an affiliate of Triad .

    What do you thinking? Go on, now! , please register now .

  6. Neha Saini
    Review By: Neha Saini

    Triadmedia is one of my favorite networks to work with. They are prompt with payment and their support is top notch, I am lucky enough to get Zach as my affiliate manager. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and probably my favorite AM. I’d strongly recommend that you check them out if you haven’t. You won’t be disappointed!!!

  7. Jack McGimsey
    Review By: Jack McGimsey

    I have worked with Triad Media Network for a couple years now and always found them to be professional and courteous. I never have any trouble getting ahold of anyone and my payments are on time. What else could you want?

  8. Review By: MrMojo

    Triad Media rocks!! I have used this network for about 2 years, and they have never disappointed me. They have a great selection of campaigns, the support from Zach is always fast and thorough, and I have never had to wait on my payment. I recommend them highly!.

  9. Review By: Lora

    I have worked with Triad Media for 3+ years! They are awesome! Many direct deals and great payouts!
    Zachary is always around to help with anything that may come up! Awesome network!

  10. Phan The My
    Review By: Phan The My

    My name’s My
    I recieved payment from Triadmedia about $10k,
    i hope u will recieve as me, Triadmedia is Big network and very well

  11. Henry Bui
    Review By: Henry Bui

    Hi guys,
    I have been working with Mr Zachary Zay for years and we have very close relationship. He is a nice guy with great support, he give me much information about new hot offers coming, the current top offers and he answer my question friendly. I am doing mediabuy and ppc so that information is really helpful for me.

    There are lot of hot offers in triadmedia that I can work with, payout is good so triadmedia definitely one of my favorable network. If your bring good quality there is no worry for you about late delay. Joint now and you will not regret.


  12. richard bohn
    Review By: richard bohn

    this is a 5 star network no doubt! great support from zach , if you u have an accout with traid you dont know what you missing!!!!!!!

  13. Review By: Dao

    Hi everybody,
    If you ask me recommend a network, Triad is the answer for you.
    Triad is not a huge network (Like CJ, ClickBooth,…) but Triad is the best answer for you!
    What do you want to working with? -With me, the answer is Support, tracking system WORKING WELL, ACTIVE offers and payout IN TIME.
    I working with many networks, and I am sure that Zach is a great AM that I have working with. Not answer everytime (We have to understand, he is very busy) but always reply me. That’s all I need with my affiliate manager.
    At this time, Triad have about 100+ offers (Not 200 on network detail at top of this page) but they are ACTIVE offers. There is many network said that they have about 600+ offers. Okay, so much! But I don’t need any INACTIVE offers, I don’t need anymore!
    And the tracking system is REALTIME. You can know which offers working well with you on the INSTANT. I don’t like some network do import leads in a week or on every monday, etc.
    What about payout? You can take a look at my proof payment. I am working with Triad from 2008. Payment always on time. Ofcourse, please don’t complain if you have any fraud activity.
    When Triad using directtrack, payment sent me via bankwire. From 2010, Triad changed to LinkTrust, payment sent me via Paypal. And here is my proof of payment from Triad.

    What do you thinking? Go on, now!
    Submit your application, and growing!
    Be a success!

  14. Review By: Phil

    I have worked with Zach, and others from Triad Media for quite some time now, we have never had any issues with payment, they are always ready and willing to help as well. I would def. suggest working with them.

  15. Review By: Tim

    Great network, Zach provides good support and is always available to help

  16. Review By: Ahsan Farooq

    I highly recommend Triad Media. Because of excellent offers, payouts and they always pay on time.
    If you are not getting on time just contact Zach he will make things easiest for you to get paid exact on time. ;-)

  17. Review By:

    Hi everybody,
    I have been worked for this network since November, 2010 and I always get paid from them. This is a great network. Zach is a good AM, He is always there to help you any when you need.
    My advice signs up now and get paid from them.
    Great network.

  18. Review By: Bao

    Best way to do business is communication and that is Zach strong point. He provides good support and advices on HOT offers to promote.

  19. Dan Morgan
    Review By: Dan Morgan

    I know everybody has their favorite network, but I can honestly say that Triad Media is the one network that has gained my trust over and over. I have consistently been paid, and am continually kept up to date with the latest offers and how they are doing.
    I am not anybody special…not a super affiliate. However, they have helped me become a winner. I have no doubt they will help you become successful.

  20. Review By: NewGen Group

    Zach is good. Alsway got payment from him.
    Good network and high payout
    Highly recommended

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