Turn scrap into profits by sand and stone crusher

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Granite and marble are natural decorative stone, applied to building walls, floors, countertops and other decorative aspects through processing by sand and practical stone crusher in stone factory. Although some artificial stone are in the competition for the decoration market, but in the social pursuit of quality, natural stone will still be able to appeal to more peoples affection.
Processing complete granite countertops by sand and stone crusher in stone factory is from the necessary process of cutting and polishing of blocks, which generates a lot of scrap and stone chips, even some bad blocks with low value. These chips can be bought by construction companies as base material, and the scraps, can be enriched and crushed with sand crusher and stone crusher equipment, for production of higher-value mechanism sand.
There are two viable options for production of higher-value mechanism sand with scraps: 1. Purchase a large gravel sand production line to process waste scraps and rock, and at the same time we can also purchase other stone factory waste, so that we can create a handsome profit; 2. Purchase a small sand making machine just for waste recycling of our stone factory, the profits will be lower, and investment will be small, too.
Anyway, scrap is a kind of resource, we cannot waste it. Therefore, we should combine the local environment, to find a way to process scraps with by sand and stone crusher, for creating the second profit point for stone factories.