The king of intelligent routers – Huawei Q1

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The king of intelligent routers – Huawei Q1The router will have a certain amount of radiation, but it produces electromagnetic radiation that is non-ionizing radiation, which is very different from the fear of nuclear radiation, X-ray and other ionizing radiation (just like natural light VS nuclear radiation).China Supplier Huawei S2700 26Tp Si Ac Layer 2 24 Port Managed SwitchFor the radiation of the router, some people also cite such an example: the electromagnetic wave with a small transmitting power of the router generally does not exceed 45mW. In comparison, the power of the mobile phone can be up to 1000mW, and you can still use it every day. At home router?huawei s5700 28c pwr si switch 24 portarThrough the above examples and analysis, some manufacturers talk about router radiation hazard is a misleading public opinion.huawei s6720 54c ei 48s AC 48 порта sfp переключатель сетевой коммутаторThis shows that HUAWEI Q1′s “low-radiation” selling point can not be said to be a selling point. The author has found out in another careful investigation that another “signal strong coverage” selling point actually has loopholes! In the general knowledge, signal coverage is optional. A key factor in the router, HUAWEI Q1 is also grasping this popular demand, and deliberately launched this router that can be used to increase signal coverage through the daughter router.Huawei Ua5000 Fo2A Ac Ip Dslam Pstn Ngn Ims Pon Device

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