Pokemon Mega is a turn-based game highly faithful to the details of the classi

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There are many familiar names such as Hercules, Hector, Athena, and Theseus; however, most of them don’t exactly look how I would have imagined. Akin to the typical InstantFuns artistic style, most in-game characters look like body builders or lingerie models. Pokemon Mega , Despite the generic nature of the game, there is quite a lot of content and Pokemon Mega overall has a bit more going for it than the last few InstantFuns titles I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.

Although I’ve had limited time with different classes, based on what I’ve seen every classes has relatively cookie-cutter skillsets. Just like with most other InstantFuns, each classes starts with a few single-target skills, almost exact copies of each other, and a multi-target ability. Pokemon Mega game, Even upon reaching higher levels the amount of total skills available isn’t incredibly dynamic. There appear to be seven total active and four passive skills for each class. The passive skills are also very basic and includes things like a small percent increase to damage or rage accumulation.

As players progress, they’ll be able to upgrade their skills to make them stronger, and will unlock better gear for more character improvement.
For social play, users can chat with others in real-time, add other users as friends, or join guilds. The game will be monetized via a premium currency system, allowing players to purchase special items for their account.

Heroes can be recruited from many walks of life, from Immortals, Gods to even some of the Titans themselves such as Medusa. These heroes can be recruited primarily through the Tavern where players must acquire Ale to recruit them into their group, the higher the level of Hero the higher the level of Ale a player will require, or some heroes are also enlisted through special events.

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