MyLiFi router Is Huawei WiFi Q2 afraid?

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MyLiFi router Is Huawei WiFi Q2 afraid?Recently, the foreign company Oledcomm released a table lamp router called MyLiFi at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This router looks like a desk lamp, but it is connected to the Internet via light, which means that there is light to access the Internet. It can also adjust the two colors of warm and cold, and is claimed to be the safest router in the world.S6300 42QF 12 24 48 port switches H3C enterprise swithesIt also means that because the penetration of light is not strong, the Internet can only be accessed where the light is shining. The maximum speed is 224Gbps, which is 100 times faster than normal WiFi, but its price is 840 US dollars equivalent to about 5400 yuan.huawei s5720 52p ei ac 48 puertos gigabit ethernet switchHuawei is not far behind, and has released a WiFi Q2 router, three of which are set to achieve a dead end connection for every home. Support 100 megabits of broadband, up to 192 devices, you can use the same management WiFi Q2.When the system is networked, the 5GHz band is selected by default for WiFi connection, which can provide faster wireless Internet access speed. And the delay can be less than 100ms when switching devices between the three. In terms of price, a set is only about 200-300 dollars, which is much cheaper than MyLiFi.низкая стоимость huawei echolife hg8245h wifi onu gpon epon onu ont modemAlthough MyLiFi is a black technology, it uses light to access the Internet, but it has limitations, it can only go online in the light range, and the price is not cheap. Huawei’s WiFi Q2 can go online without any dead ends anywhere, and the price is lower than MyLiFi. Is it that Huawei will lose to MyLiFi?s1720 28gfr 4tp huawei s1720 28gfr 4tp 98010546, вид