Mafia City follows the story of Lincoln Clay

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E3 2018: 3 Things We Learned About Mafia City

Mafia City follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a member of the Black Mob who is returning from the Vietnam war only to come back to a war zone. The Black Mob is betrayed by the Marcano Family run by Sal Marcano. Instead of laying down and letting the mafia have its way, Clay plans on rebuilding the Black Mob to be even bigger than it was before. city gangster games,Tired of oppression in the city of New Bordeaux, the new Black Mob will take down every single crime family and corrupt politician plaguing the people.
To help him, Clay has recruited three Underbosses including Vito Scaletta who fans will remember as the protagonist from the second Mafia game. He’s also trying to get back at the Marcano family who has been seizing too much territory and leaving him in the shadows. Clay and his Underbosses will stop at nothing until all organized crime in New Bordeaux belongs to them.

New Bordeaux is Mafia City’s fictional version of a 1960’s New Orleans. It is more than just a backdrop though, as the developers have ensured that it is an important character in the story. It is a living component of Mafia City that embodies the beauty of the bayou and the ugliness of humanity during one of the worst times in American history. Everything you do in this city will have an effect on the story.

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