Let us know if you want HQ traffic, it's available at Wingoads!

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Dear partners, new earning season is coming, meet Autumn 2017 and enjoy advertising!

According to Wingoads special offer, the more you buy the higher bonus you get. Add 100$ and you’ll get 110$ on your balance, add 200$ + 20$ bonus… 1000$ + 100$ bonus!

Happy to say that Self-Advertiser is functioning and you can do any changes by yourself. CPM bids depend on GEO you want to buy, the minimum bid for top GEOs — 1.00$, many GEOs are available at 0.20$ minimum price.

Remember: bid, traffic volumes and quality are related ;)

Buy traffic now and enjoy bonuses with Wingoads!

inbox: iren@wingoads.com
Skype: live:iren_245

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