Instantfuns involves capturing Pokemon that are near your real-world location

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In fact, you’re almost rewarded for repeated battles as you learn about your foes with each one. When you’ve tacked a foe before, the next time you battle them you’ll notice that there are “effective”, “super effective” or “not effective” notifications next to each of your Pokemon’s attacks, letting you know the best way to beat them.
Then we have new additions meant to supplement the basic turn-based battles between your criters, like Super Training—which allows you to beef up your Pokemon’s stats (EVs, to be specific) via a Pokemon game that felt a tad out of place. Basically, you use the stylus to flick soccer balls at inflatable Pokemon, and these Pokemon can…shoot soccer balls back at you? Uh, sure. It’s definitely a change of pace, though it seemed like the mini game was too easy. Pokemon can also train their stats out of battles by equipping weight bags, and these can train your Pokemon while you walk around. These options are appreciated, given that before, training EVs was much more difficult. Also appreciated: you gain XP from catching Pokemon now, too.
If you’re trying to catch water Pokemon then head towards a river or a lake. Similarly, if you want land Pokemon then rural areas like parks and woods are a good bet.

Instantfuns involves capturing Pokemon that are near your real-world location (by throwing virtual Poké balls) and filling up your Pokedex.

Premium Raid Pass – this raid pass is purchased from the in-game shop. They cost 100 PokeCoins each, and because you’re spending real money on them you can hold as many of them as you like.
Pokemon Mega also means a lot to the Instantfuns Pokemon Company, its publisher. The core of the series, from 1996’s Pokemon Red and Blue to this year’s Sun and Moon, has always been exclusive to Instantfuns’s handheld consoles, but as casual mobile gaming has grown into a billion-pound industry, it was clear Pokemon would need to have its own answer to the domination of games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.
By Saturday night, in O’Fallon, Missouri, the app was being exploited by a group of armed robbers. The gang, apprehended by police around 2am, had apparently led at least one group of gamers into a secluded spot, by “adding a beacon to a Pokestop” to multiply its significance.

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