Application of sand making machine in dry mortar production

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The demand for sandstone aggregate, dry mortar and concrete is being increased in recent years with the rapid expansion of the building construction, and the requirement is becoming higher and higher at the same time. The marketing shortage, increased cost and the poorer quality can be often seen in daily life, and that is the reason why the application of the artificial sand made by sand making machine can become wider and wider.

We all know that the main raw materials of the dry mortar is the natural sand, but this material is one local resource, and the amount of it is being decreased gradually. The scale of our national infrastructure construction is becoming bigger and bigger while the natural sand cannot satisfy the marketing demand, which seriously limits the development of our national engineering projects, and that is the reason why we need to look for one new material to solve the situation.
the dry mortar production should be complied with our national environmental strategy and the sustainable development strategy because of the strict requirement that our government states right now, so SBM specially produces the sand making machine, and the finished products made by this machine can compete with the natural sand no matter whether it is it is pointing to the chemical or the physical performance characteristics, and the classification is much more reasonable than the natural sand.