Amazon closes one of its projects because of AI sexist

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Amazon has designed artificial intelligence discriminating women, Huawei is going to conquer the AI chip market, while Instagram will search for negative content using artificial intelligence. These and other AI news are revealed in the weekly digest.

Amazon closes one of its projects because of AI sexist
A group of developers from Amazon’s Edinburg-based subsidiary designed artificial intelligence preferring men to women when choosing candidates. Therefore, the company had to close the project.

This solution was aimed at sorting resumes. For whatever reason, AI started eliminating resumes containing the word ‘female/woman’ during learning and offered to hire male candidates even if they did not have required skills.

The company discovered that the system did not follow the gender neutrality principle while assessing candidates in 2015. Developers tried to improve the system but Amazon completely disappointed in the project in 2017 and dropped the team.