CRUSHING IT With Mobile. Top Affiliates At KissMyAds Earn $200k per month


The opportunities for performance marketers with mobile advertising are massive and the proof is in the pudding. I spoke with the founder of mobile CPA network KissMyAds Florian "Flo" Lehwald earlier this week and he gave us the inside scoop on his experience as an affiliate and network owner.

As an affiliate Flo was earning $100,000 per month. He then saw an opportunity to take his knowledge and apply it towards a mobile affiliate network. Now his top affiliates are making $200,000 per month. Read on to learn more:

Hey Flo, thanks for being here with us today. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 32 years old and a native of Berlin, although I’ve moved to Munich, where I spend my weekends. I’ve been a member of the digital sphere almost as long as I can remember, and I started monetizing Internet ideas much more than ten years ago. The thing I like is that you can try new things, tweak them, set up stuff quickly and play around.

I'm a fan of your network's name. How did you come up with KissMyAds?

Actually the idea came from my friend and partner Christian from Venista Ventures, the incubator we partner with. We had a brainstorming. Of course we all loved it – we had had a few beers. But it stuck. It may be a bit unconventional at first, but we receive great feedback wherever we go.

How did you get into performance marketing?

I started way back in the early days of stationary internet marketing, and I’ve personally been an affiliate with many networks. I know the way this business runs – and I saw the enormous potential of drawing conclusions from the Old Internet and offering these lessons in a systematic way for the Mobile Web. For me, performance is what marketing, what advertising should be all about.

You were an affiliate before founding your network. What was the first commission you ever earned?

I think I can remember I made my first 1,000 USD with Amazon.  

How much were you making per month at the height of your affiliate marketing efforts?

In good months, it was five to six digit revenues. Not bad, really.  

KissMyAds is a mobile CPA network. Why did you decide to start KissMyAds?

Take the lessons learned in Affiliate Marketing on the Old Web and use them in the ideal way on the fast-growing Mobile Web. This was the idea behind KissMyAds. And help both sides, Advertisers and Publishers, make use of the mobile internet.

Why should affiliates consider developing skills in mobile marketing?

They should do so because the potential to monetize mobile traffic Is enormous. Even with simple tracking and traffic re-direction it’s already possible to confront users with offers that are much more suitable for where they are and the device they use when they’re mobile. With the dynamics of mobile use – the way that surfing the web has mobilized – it’s really a no-brainer to start capitalizing on this.

How much are top affiliates making at KissMyAds?

There have been some that turned over up to 200 K Euro in a single month. I’m not going to say more, though.

What types of offers and verticals are hot for you at KissMyAds right now?

It’s mostly mobile entertainment in all forms – this can be classic content, such as music, wallpapers. We’ve seen a lot of adult stuff. And there’s really a boom for games. But we also see that job posting services, airlines and even insurance services try to expand their outreach to mobile audiences this way. Another highly important factor for us are apps. We help developers get discovered without huge marketing spendings. This is an obvious advantage for app developers.

What would you say the future holds for mobile CPA marketing?

It’s really a strong growth niche within the marketing mix. It will convince not only companies already convinced of mobile marketing, but it will reach the major brands. The advantage is the complete absence of risk, so it offers marketers a way to rake in success without putting too much on the table. A great way to promote yourself if you’re planning marketing campaigns. I also see that CPAs will continue to be very high, as regulations, consumer understanding and distribution of technology transform the mobile web into a space where people value and buy quality.

KissMyAds has a reputation for high quality personal account management. What can affiliates expect from your support team after they join?

We are dedicated to personal assistance. Affiliates receive detailed guidelines and personal coaching if necessary. We consider ourselves not just as brokers of ads, but much more as tutors and forerunners in mobile advertising innovation, which includes a kind of teaching mission for our partners. We are in constant touch with the Publishers and incorporate their feedback in our development.

What is the spread of your offers. Are you more focused on apps, products, leads etc?

It varies a great deal. We have lots of entertainment offers for mobiles, the classic stuff such as music, videos, quizzes – these have some pretty remarkable CPAs. Then we offer a lot of games – both links to non-app-store downloads as well as apps. There’s a considerable share of adult and teasing offers, too. And we make experience with lead campaigns, for instance for insurances and job listing services.

Walk us through a day in your life.

I guess it’s similar to that of the audience. Staring at a number of screens, mailing, working on code, trying something here, going to a meeting there. We’re now expanding to six staff members, so the organizational part is also becoming very important. I get a lot of questions from my team, and I’m happy to work with them to establish an open space that’s designated to assisting our affiliates. But it’s also very easy-going, and networking with team and partners also includes an occasional beer or two.

If you could sit your 16 year old self down and talk to him, what would you say?

I would like to tell him to stay out of trouble. But he probably wouldn’t listen to me.

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