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Tapgerine is an international mobile ad tech company for publishers to monetize mobile traffic. Our aim is to create the most effective platform for monetizing and buying mobile traffic.

Since its establishment in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Tapgerine has cooperated with mobile developers and ad networks, built a reputation of a trusted company with engaged dedicated account managers.

Tapgerine works on CPI&CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

The benefits offered by Tapgerine include:
• Top campaigns with highest payouts from over 200 countries
• Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support
• In-house real-time platform
• Variety of Payment Methods (Paypal, Wire Transfer, Epayments, ACH)
• 2000+ TOP performing offers
• Exclusive promotional creatives
• Direct Offers in all verticals (Gaming, Dating, Adult, Social, Utilities, Gambling)
• Best Coverage in Tier 1 countries!
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Tapgerine Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPI / CPL
Frequency: Net-30 / Net-15 / Weekly
Referral Commission: 5%
Network Platform: Proprietary
Affiliate Manager AIM: Skype: Support.tapgerine2
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31 Reviews for Tapgerine

  1. Review By: willygo

    Tapgerine has fast support and I always get my payments on time. It suits me in all aspects.

  2. Review By: mihal

    Innovative. Regular Payouts. All networks in one place.
    I recommend Tapgerine for everyone!

  3. Review By: will75

    Nothing new to say that hasnt already been said. The guys @ Tapgerine are awesome and super helpful.
    Fun to talk.

  4. Review By: Petr

    Best CPA company, best support!
    I love making money with them, every payment on time and even faster.

  5. Review By: wapadvert

    Never had problems with this network. Payment terms better then have other networks, always good support.

  6. Review By: social

    Great network. A lot of unique ofeers and payment in time!

  7. Review By: kuplevatsky

    I am the real publisher of Tapgerine. We work with Tapgerine more then 8 months and never met the issue with unpaid revenue yet. They are checking your traffic and give feedbacks intime. To get your payment – just use the trusted sources.

  8. Review By: smallpublisher2006

    Despite their efforts to clean their image, the review by tofast4u is right on at least on thing, Tapgerine is not a serious company. Here’s my story with them:

    I started running CPA offers for them and the numbers started building. One day in one offer I had over 500 conversions. Suddently they told me their client said the leads didn’t have good quality because users weren’t buying anything so they WEREN’T GONNA PAY ANY LEAD.

    First I stress that this was a CPA offer not a CPS offer. Then the most amazing part is that not even ONE lead was decent enough to be paid and they only realised that after one month, 500 conversions and over 50.000 clicks. If they told me that some leads were invalid, I might have bought it but ALL? This is obviously a SCAM. They take advantage of the traffic generated by small affiliates and then they say they won’t pay. Obviously I argued and showed where the legit traffic was comming from but they couldn’t care less. They kept saying that even if I was right, their client wouldn’t pay them so they wouldn’t pay me and after that they started ignoring me.

    Even if that’s true, what do I have to do with the way their clients robbs them? It’s easy this way right? Their client is the bad guy. Basically they don’t accept blame for anything, first it’s your fault and if not, then it’s their clients fault, but it’s never theirs. Thing is, their client didn’t promise me anything for my traffic. They did but honoring your word is something exclusive of serious business.

    Bottom line is I work with many networks and this never happened to me and my traffic. I believe the majority of the networks are serious, otherwise they won’t survive in the long run, but that’s not the case with Tapgerine. They can’t be trusted. Sometimes you’ll run their offers and you’ll get payed and other times they will tell you that they won’t pay and that’s final. Can you live with that? I can’t and sure won’t with so many other serious networks out there.

    • This person was running one of our offers, that is correct. Out of 500 conversions no users have ever returned to the app and opened it, and made a simple registration, we are not talking about sales here. This is a clear indication of fraud traffic. We pay only for quality traffic, and this is indicated in the terms and conditions with which this affiliate agreed while signing up with us.
      Please let me know if you have other questions.

  9. Review By: tofast4u

    !!!!!!!!!!! WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!


    as soon you make some revenue they will let you run for a while. than you will block your account and will never reply to your support tickets.

    we are working with many big networks and generating really much revenue. most networks are fine but sadly, there are some black sheeps available in our industry.

    so please be warned, i highly recommend to use some other networks.

    So TAPGERINE if you READ this, try to scam other people……

    • Hello Denise,

      Your account has been blocked due to sending 2000000 clicks to the campaign, your traffic did not generate any single lead. Our own Anti Fraud Protection detected your account and banned it. You were contacted by Steve asking you to provide the source of traffic for this campaign, but no reply followed.

      I have replied same thing in the topics you created, we are very open in a way we do business and similar topics are not harming us or helping you to get your money. Your account will remain blocked until we receive the info about the sources of your traffic.


    • My name is Dmitry and I am co-owner and managing director of Tapgerine. In no way, Tapgerine is scamming its affiliates. We are a trusted partner for more than 2k+ international affiliates. We value our reputation a lot, we strive to deliver to our advertisers only HQ service and traffic. Thats why we have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any kind of fraud or rules violation. If the fraud is detected, the affiliate is blocked. Please provide me with the email you have registered with us and I will share with Odigger community the reason you were banned. Here is my email, dmitry@tapgerine.com. You can get in touch with me personally and I will make sure you will find out the reason of ban.

  10. Review By: plus

    is a best network on way…
    if you need weekly payment you can contact support! monthly by default.

  11. Review By: tapgerine

    We do have weekly and daily payments for trusted affiliates. But we have zero tolerance for any rules violation and prior to paying weekly we check traffic quality of our affiliates.

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