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Sponsormob delivers Mobile Conversions offering a variety of solutions for performance-based advertising on mobile devices. Founded in 2006, we help advertisers and agencies gain reach with highly targeted mobile-ads using data-driven technology. Sponsormob also offers publishers strategic integration opportunities matched with a variety of attractive mobile campaigns now available. Benefit from appealing offers and our unique tracking. Get started as a Sponsormob affiliate today!
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Sponsormob Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: 50 Euros
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Up To 3 Times/Month
Payment Method: Paypal / Bank transfer
Phone Numbers: +49 30 201693042
Referral Commission: 2.5%
Network Platform: Proprietary
Affiliate Manager AIM: Skype: jenny_ibsch
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14 Reviews for Sponsormob

  1. Review By: Marco Bickel

    I can happly recommend Sponsormob. They currently have the best tracking and reporting solution in the market. They have a dedicated support team and will help you if you need any assistance.

  2. Uri Bilotinsky
    Review By: Uri Bilotinsky

    I wish to highly recommend SponsorMob as a mobile affiliate network, mainly in Europe…
    There’s a nice arsenal of offers portfolio there – some with high payouts.
    But the most important thing for me is the openness, tolerance, service awareness and responsiveness Jenny Ibsch, my affiliate manager provides…
    SponsorMob is truely a wonderful affiliate network to be part of…

  3. Review By: Dave

    I think it was around late 2009 that I first found Sponsormob and another European mobile CPA company. At first I was like “is this a real company” because the site didn’t look too, let’s say, fancy. But I kept checking back and finally joined a few months later. And money started coming in. I was like-oh, ok this works. And they pretty much opened my eyes on working around the world-so now I keep a world clock and money exchange calculator on hand all the time.

    Then I got into other stuff for a long time, but the great thing is every time I disappear and come back they treat me great; with courtesy and respect, like I never left. So I never feel like I’m not getting good information. In fact their system has only gotten better in terms of the reporting. If you have a game plan and really use their reporting you can get profitable in no time. That might be the one area they could grow-training or how to type stuff. I just figured it out, but it might be a little vague if you have limited preparation.

    A lot of people claim it, but Sponsormob payouts are pretty much tops. There are a number of mobile themed CPA networks out there now, but for overall ease of use, payout amounts, actually getting PAID, reporting, and people you have to work with Sponsormob, I think, is a very good choice.

  4. Review By: Rose

    Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a mobile affiliate network.

  5. Review By: DrHu

    Very good AD site, hope can attract more Android AD

  6. Review By: Louis

    I have been happy so far with the service from Sponsormob and they have many offers to choose from. Their reporting system is very useful. Looking forward to making lots of money with them.

  7. Review By: Lance

    I’m an affiliate with Sponsormob and I can really say that it is a pleasure working with them.
    Sponsormob is definitely a great mobile CPA network with dedicated support.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Review By: Ryan M.

    It’s always been a pleasure to work with Sponsormob. They have great offers and reporting that is perfect for optimizing my campaigns.

  9. Review By: Anders

    I can recommend Sponsormob. Great mobile CPA network with dedicated support. Have hundreds of offers to choose from and help you if you need any assistance.

  10. Mobile Affiliate
    Review By: Mobile Affiliate

    I’m an affiliate with Sponsormob. I’ve had and continue to have a great experience with them. They have the best mobile offers around!

  11. Review By: Erez Ies

    we have been working with Sponsormob for a while now and i can definitely say that it has been a real pleasure working with them, the account mangers are very professional and super cooperative and fun to work with,
    i would definitely recommend getting on their program as they got some interesting world wide programs

  12. Andy Johnson
    Review By: Andy Johnson

    Never heard of Sponsormob before but was pleasantly surprised. Lots of international mobile offers on their network but the main thing was their customer service – very responsive and helpful to my needs, I would def. recommend these guys.

  13. Jennifer Maria
    Review By: Jennifer Maria

    I am really happy with Sponsormob – the support is great, emails are answered within a 24 hours! They have hundreds of mobile optimized offers to choose from. Payouts are good, you get paid every month via PayPal or bank transfer. If you need high converting mobile offers, go with Sponsormob!

  14. Review By: Jon

    I am really impressed with Sponsormob and highly recommend this network. Anyone looking for a mobile affiliate network should definitely go with them!

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