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Points And Ranks

As a member of oDigger you earn points for your activity on the site. As your point total grows, you can reach higher levels. As you progress in levels, new account features and abilities are opened up to you. Check below to learn how you can earn points on oDigger and what the level progression is.


You earn points for the following actions:

+50 points - Referring a new user
+20 points - Starting a new forum thread
+10 points - Writing a network review
+10 points - Posting a blog comment
+5 points - Posting a forum reply
+5 points - Posting a status update

One time bonuses:
+100 points - Uploading an avatar


Level 1
Rank: Rookie
Points Required: 125 (earned upon registering)
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to receive personal messages 
- Ability to reply to and start threads in the forum
- Ability to create signature (text and nofollow links only)

Level 2
Rank: Prospect
Points Required: 300
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to post links in forum posts and comments 

Level 3
Rank: Grinder
Points Required: 1,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to send personal messages

Level 4
Rank: Closer
Points Required: 5,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to post attachments

Level 5
Rank: Boss
Points Required: 10,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to create groups

Level 6
Rank: Fat Cat
Points Required: 15,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Premium membership 25% off for life

Level 7
Rank: Tycoon
Points Required: 25,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to add custom text to forum profile

Level 8
Rank: Liquid
Points Required: 50,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to add images to signature
- Turn links from nofollow to follow in posts

Level 9
Rank: Godlike
Points Required: 100,000
Abilities Unlocked:
- Ability to edit rank title
- Premium membership 50% off for life

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