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Having spent years on the client side of the table, they take a refreshingly different approach to Affiliate Marketing: one focused on brand monetization and brand/trademark protection. They have proprietary marketing channels, full service design, analysis and unbeatable 15 year expertise in the field.
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LullaPets ReviewPreview
$5.75 / cpa
Added: Nov 12

Smoke Assist - Email

Smoke Assist - Email ReviewPreview
$39.00 / cpa
Added: Nov 14

LullaPets - Email

LullaPets - Email ReviewPreview
$15.00 / cpa
Added: Nov 12
Optimal Fusion Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net - 15
Payment Method: Check / PayPal
Phone Numbers: 1-866-764-1025
Referral Commission: N / A
Network Platform: Cake Marketing
Affiliate Manager AIM: Leora Allen
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36 Reviews for Optimal Fusion

  1. Review By: veocinedotes

    Good Network but late payments, one of much for me

  2. Review By: Sam S.

    So heres the deal,

    I work with MANY CPA networks and Optimal Fusion is DEFINITELY one of the BEST.. Leora Is one of the BEST affiliate managers i have worked with.. Pay bumps, On Time Payments, and their dedication to their affiliates are just a few of my reasons why I would recommend their network to any affiliate…

    And oh yea that usually have some kick ass exclusive offers….

  3. Review By: Debbie

    I am a stay at home MOM and Thanks to Optimal Fusion I can have the extra income that I need.
    Optimal Fusion is the best network I have found and the only one I need.
    I have been with Optimal Fusion for about a year now,
    and I plan on staying with them for many years to come.
    I have been very happy with my results.
    Thank You Again,

  4. Review By: christine

    I’ve been very happy with OF. Leora has been very helpful and the payouts are great and timely. But now I must know, “What is Flex Seal”??? LOL

  5. Jonathan Hayworth
    Review By: Jonathan Hayworth

    The name says it all, Optimal Fusion puts forth an excellent blend of media and marketing specifically focused on helping you optimize your overall affiliate marketing power. If that’s not enough, Leora does an incredible job putting those killer opportunities right at my fingertips. Highly recommended affiliate network regardless of one’s current level of marketing experience

  6. Review By: Daniel Choi

    I have worked in this industry for going on 10 years and have seen all kinds of networks/agencies come and go. Optimal Fusion is here to stay and will be for a long time. They have the talent and the management to excel beyond all borders. Skies the limit OF!

  7. Review By: samsam

    I have read rly great reviews on Optimal Fusion and so I opened an account. I have experienced amongst THE best service and offers ever. Lots of TV stuff. Great payouts for me. Thanks !

  8. Review By: MikeyR

    i stand corrected – i got to add HONEST to that. thanks Optimal guys!

  9. Review By: MikeyR

    reliable and dependable. ’nuff said.

  10. Review By: Rob

    Optimal Fusion is great, and Leora is the most responsive affiliate manager we’ve ever worked with.

  11. Review By: Doug B.

    I have never had more support or help in the 5 years I have been doing affiliate marketing then I have with Optimal Fusion and specifically Leora. These folks are awesome. I would highly recommend this network to veterans and newbies alike.

  12. Review By: Jenny

    Optimal Fusion offers many branded products to our site that fit well with the traffic and product reviews.

  13. PepsiMan
    Review By: PepsiMan

    true point simon. my manager will email me at whatever time an offer launches – even if its at midnight.
    i would also like some free money!

  14. Joseph Terp
    Review By: Joseph Terp

    I find Optimal Fusion easy to work with and helpful. I’ve never had a problem being paid on time. Great people.

  15. Review By: mike

    I have been with Optimal Fusion for 2 months and I am Very Satisfied and Thankful. It is Best affiliate network That I Have Ever Dealt With. I Recommended Them To You.

  16. King Beng
    Review By: King Beng

    A great network to work with. they are always very helpful in getting the products i want if they don’t already have them. they always have a higher payout than others and if not, then they’ll match it or beat it for you. i love working with optimal fusion.

  17. BenjiMan
    Review By: BenjiMan

    They are the best network i’ve ever worked with. they are helpful and make working with them a joy. they couldn’t be better unless they gave away free money.

  18. Review By: Sarah

    Optimal Fusion is great! They always have the best payouts and Leora is amazing to work with. These folks really work hard to make sure you get everything you need.

  19. Review By: Simon

    Great network and exceptional effort by manager to keep me posted.
    Looking forward for a great future,
    Keep it up.

  20. Review By: Lloyd Adams

    My first impression is really good. You guys(people) Rock for customer support.

    All my questions where answered, and you seem to be flexible with my needs.

    I would recommend Optimal Fusion to affiliates any day.

    Thank you,

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