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OJQ is an Affiliate Network based on the premise of offering quality to everyone we work with. We're passionate about Affiliate Marketing and feel that you don't need a bunch of buzz words and marketing fluff to see that we're serious. To put it simply, we care about three things: matching quality offers, with quality Affiliates, who have quality traffic. We believe that with the combined expertise of our team, real time tracking platform, and high, reliable payouts, choosing to work with us is the best choice you can make.
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OJQ Media Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $50
Commission Type: CPA / CPL
Frequency: Net-15 / Net-7 (with volume requirements)
Payment Method: Check / Wire
Phone Numbers: 1-888-803-1560
Referral Commission: 5%
Network Platform: LinkTrust
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11 Reviews for OJQ Media

  1. Review By: Dustin Donham

    OJQ is an awesome network. They are always communicating with their affiliates and my Affiliate manager April sends me updates about hot offers on a regular basis. I am a member of atleast 10 networks, several of the top networks including Clickbooth who won a Top Affilaite network award this year. My experience with OJQ has surpassed them all. They are a smaller network and I enjoy the personal attention. At OJQ, I am not just another number. True to their name they have real quality offers and an easy to use interface. I recommend everyone check out OJQ, you will be impressed with their service.

  2. Review By: steve

    I’ve been working with OJQ for about a year and a half. This is by far my favorite network out there. They’re easy to work with and really know their stuff. Payments are always on time and sometimes even early. These guys are the real deal.

  3. Review By: Amy

    I applied as a publisher to this network and went through the normal steps required to get an account. I was approved, however I will not be working with this company after I found out they called my MOM AND DAD!!! I understand networks need to check for all those fraudsters out there, but I think asking for photo ID and references is enough. I’m not an 8 year old signing up for little league, there is no reason to call my parents to verify who I am without my permission. I heard great things about this network and was excited to get started but that seriously crossed the line. OJQ needs to find a better way to verify people’s info because calling outside of someone’s references and getting their family involved is just unprofessional. Unfortunately I wont do business with them because of this.

    • Hey Amy,

      I really apologize for this instance, I too agree that this is not an acceptable screening practice. However, our application processors are trained to call the phone number associated with the information provided in the application. In this case it was unfortunately your parents residence.

      We are committed very strongly to purging all fraudulent applications and publishers from our network in an effort to provide top quality traffic to our advertisers which results in better payouts for our publishers. While a line was crossed in this instance and you have my sincere apology, we would still love to work with you as a publisher of OJQ.

      Best Regards,

      Jeff Hall
      CEO and Co-founder
      OJQ Media Inc.

  4. Mark Striker
    Review By: Mark Striker

    Good offer s, good payouts, good people.
    I send traffics, t hey send check. I don’t know wha t more could I ask for.

  5. Review By: Joel

    OJQ has been a pleasure to work with, they have great relationships direct with advertisers and always have high payouts. The support is always there and they pay on time…enough said.

  6. Review By: lieren

    Offers all good
    Payments are on time
    Support is top-notch

    i receive some check form them ,it is best one .

  7. Review By: As Seen on TV

    OJQ is one of my top networks. They have been awesome to work with, taking the time to help me learn new things, providing helpful pointers along the way. They are quick to get new offers in the network and have had consistent reporting and prompt payments. I have met the team at Affiliate Summit personally and they exude integrity, which is rare in this industry and very important in my book. I recommend OJQ without hesitation.

  8. Review By: Ed

    I’ve been online for a long time,so for me only three things matters when it comes to networks….
    1. Great Offers…
    2. Great Support….
    3.Great payouts…. O.J.Q. Fills The Bill…Enough Said….!

  9. Avneet Singh
    Review By: Avneet Singh

    Offers are good
    Payments are on time
    Support is top-notch

  10. Review By: Jesse Jelley

    I am apart of quite a few networks and one of my top picks would have to be OJQ. I am still relatively new to affiliate marketing and so due to the short time frame I only gave them four out of five stars but as it stands I really like what they have to offer.

    The back office isn’t my favorite out of the networks I am a part of but it’s simple and easy to navigate. They have decent selection of offers and when I have compared them to other networks payouts, OJQ has been consistently higher than most.

    Overall, I like OJQ and would recommend having them as one of your networks.

    Jesse, Webmaster of Electronic Cigarette Truth, Woodworking Plans, and How to Find Info On People

  11. Review By: Jeff

    OJQ are kewl dudes.

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