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If you’re anything like me, your days consist of small pockets of activity in between obsessive sessions of refreshing your affiliate stats. We work hard for our commissions and seeing that little $$ counter go up makes my brain feel good :)

It's a well known fact that if you're working with a network they get a small slice of every commission you generate. This is because affiliate networks facilitate the tracking and handling of your sales and act as the middlemen that connect advertisers with affiliates.

However, if you're working directly with the advertiser then you get 100% of the commission you earned and are likely earning the highest possible payouts because there are no middlemen involved to share in the wealth.

The problem is that it's usually a giant headache to work directly with advertisers. Most advertisers don't have the infrastructure to handle affiliates and track sales (hence the need for networks).

But some advertisers DO have the ability to manage their own affiliates. And if they carry offers in your niche then they are the guys want to be working with.

OfferTown Connects You Directly With The Source: Advertisers

One of the biggest and most successful advertisers in the diet and biz-op niche is looking to create direct relationships with qualified affiliates. They won't let me tell you who they are, but if you submit a request through their OfferTown website, they'll reach out.

I'll just say that the numbers these guys rake in is just bananas and they have been crushing it for 9 years. Traditionally they only work with networks. But now, in a bid to create long lasting relationships with strong affiliates, they are looking to manage their own salesforce.

If they select to work with you, then you'll be rewarded with sky high payouts (the ones usually reserved for networks) and the nimbleness of working directly with the advertiser (no more having to wait for you affiliate manager to get in contact with the advertiser etc).

What are the advantages of using OfferTown to connect directly with the advertiser?

There are a ton of good reasons and this paragraph started getting really long so I decided to list them out:

1. Going direct creates a stable long term relationship with the guy who pays you

2. The super-advertiser behind OfferTown offers the following juicy terms and perks:

  • Monthly to weekly payment terms
  • Direct deposit, wire payments available
  • Real-time tracking
  • In house technical, design and conversion teams dedicated to making offers perform
  • In house legal teams, dedicated to keeping offers compliant (super important!)
  • Instant feedback on campaign performance, needs and updates - the Advertiser is obviously solely focused on generating traffic for their specific business, so they never lose focus.

3.  As a business partner, OfferTown features the following benefits:

  • 9+ years of generating 30-50,000 leads per month in the diet and bizop niche
    • Current needs are increasing rapidly in the US/Canada and Australian markets
  • Top volume producers are rewarded with increased traffic preferences, higher payouts than traditional networks would/can offer.
  • Since they control what traffic they will accept, becoming a key partner with an advertiser can lead to exclusivity, performance bonuses and more.
  • Instant quality and compliance feedback directly from the source - long term success for both the advertiser and the publisher/affiliate is the core business model.
  • In house design and technical team can create custom sales funnels (Landing and buy pages), specifically tailored to your traffic sources, or you can select from one of dozens of already performing sales funnels.
    • They even have tested and approved pre-sale pages for your traffic.
  • Publishers/affiliates with diet/weight loss and bizop traffic, with the ability to do 1000 - 10,000+ lead a month are encouraged to contact OfferTown.com today to see how working directly with a Super Advertiser can benefit your business through increased payouts and improved stability for your traffic.

OfferTown Is Looking For High Volume And Quality Affiliates ONLY

OfferTown is exclusively looking for quality and high volume affiliates to create direct relationships with. If you’re crushing it in the diet and / or biz-op space, then going direct with OfferTown is an easy way to instantly increase your ROI.

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