Concierge By CoolHandle Helps You Build The Perfect Team


If you want to make real money you need a team. If you're a one man show, there's only so much you can do. Super affiliates love to keep the spotlight on themselves and say things like "I made $XXX,XXX in 2 weeks..." but the truth is, they had help. Lot's of help.

I work with at least 7 different parties whenever I launch a new affiliate campaign:

1. Copywriter - makes my ads and copy sound good (I cameo in the department from time to time)
2. Designer - makes my landing pages look good
3. Developer - makes things work
4. Host - makes sure everything runs harmoniously
5. Affiliate manager(s) - makes sure I get the campaigns and payouts I deserve
6. Lawyer - to make sure I'm on the right side of the grey line
7. Unpaid interns - aka my minions (thanks Boston University :) )
Honorable mention - oDigger! to look for affiliate offers to promote

Now, my team is a motley crew I've cobbled together over the past 6 years in the industry. Each player is a piece of a greater machine that makes up my affiliate marketing business. As the leader, it's my job to manage everyone. The problem is that my team is fragmented across different companies and even countries so keeping everyone in line is a daily headache.

Many affiliate share this problem, which is why renowned hosting company CoolHandle came up with a genius solution.

CoolHandle has created an all inclusive suite of services specifically for affiliates. It's called Concierge and it's poised to save affiliates thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Concierge is a one-stop shop. If you're looking to set up a team that knows affiliate marketing, Concierge is the place to go. If you're looking to consolidate your outsourced labor, Concierge has you covered.

Concierge offers affiliate services that include:

Merchant services
Customer service
Tuned hosting
Marketing materials
Video production
Creative services
Website design and more

Simply choose the services you need for your affiliate campaigns and Concierge makes it happen. The best part? All your management communication flows neatly through one single person - your dedicated Concierge team leader. Your Concierge team leader ensures that all initiatives needed for your affiliate campaign get executed and that your business runs harmoniously.

As I mentioned earlier, Concierge is owned and operated by CoolHandle, one of the most respected hosting companies in the industry. CoolHandle has been in the web hosting business for over a decade and their reliable servers have helped affiliates generate millions of dollars in commissions. CoolHandle knows affiliate marketing and they know what affiliates need to succeed.

With Concierge, you have an ace up your sleeve. They take care of the logistics so you can do what you do best: rake in commissions!

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