$1,000,000 Landing Page Designs


I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Bad landing page = you lose money.
Good landing page = you make some money.
Great landing page = you make real money

I always use landing pages in my affiliate campaigns and employing the services of a professional designer is the best decision I ever made. Landing pages let me work new angles, tell a story and separate my campaigns from the pack. In this business if you're not being creative you simply wont succeed.

Not convinced? Let me introduce you to my friend Alex.

Alex is a super affiliate. He's generated over $1 million in commissions and is gearing up for a massive 2013. What's his secret? Alex is an expert performance marketing landing page designer. His pages are crisp, clear and make people click exactly where he wants them to click. They also look pretty which is an added bonus.

In fact, Alex is so good at landing page design he started his own company called Hyper6, which specializes in creating perfect landing pages for affiliate marketers. He has trained a team of talented designer's to create landing pages that call for action and has 100s of clients benefiting from his services.

Designs for Affiliates

Creating the perfect landing page for an affiliate campaign is all about finding the right combination of elements that get people to want the offer and click through. Alex and his team know how design landing pages that optimize your split testing efforts. Alex works with some of the best affiliates in the business. And they routinely use Hyper6 to design landers for their new campaigns.

Affiliates, your designs are safe

As you well know, affiliates are a secretive bunch and they all trust Alex and his team with the landing pages they instruct Hyper6 to design. I asked for some affiliate landers from dead campaigns (or throw-aways that were never used) to publish in this post. But Alex is a man of principle and made it clear that was out of the question! Alex has never shown any of their work to anyone outside the Hyper6 team (including me). He is loyal to his affiliates. And this is one of the reasons affiliates choose him over other design agencies.

Designs for Advertisers

Hyper6 has built a fleet of landers for various advertisers and these I can show you :) 

Dead Sea Lander

FlorAlign Lander

Warranty Experts Lander

Notice how in each of the landers above you can seamlessly change the headline, product image, background image etc without disturbing the flow of the page. This let's you play with the different variables of the lander to find the highest converting combination.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a designer who understands how to design direct response pages like these. Any graphic designer can create a good looking page, but the value to us affiliates is in the page's ability to make people click click click.

Alex and his team at Hyper6 are one of the premier design agencies for affiliate marketers. They are professional, super responsive and easy to work with. Also, the couple of bucks you'll spend on design is a pittance compared to the amount of the profit your pages will rake in for you.

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