35% Off Marketers Guard Payment Protection Service

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  • Helps you get paid the money you deserve
  • Look up networks or advertisers to see if they have a history of shadiness
  • Get non-payment alerts about networks and advertisers who aren't paying

About Marketer's Guard

What would happen to your business if you didn't get paid for you last week's traffic?

Like it or not, many networks and advertisers simply don't pay. Networks and affiliates alike will spend thousands of dollars marketing and developing campaigns only to be devastated by a network or advertiser that won't follow through on their obligations. Even if you are on a short payment cycle (such as Net7) you still stand to lose a lot of money if you don't get paid what you are owed.

Marketer's Guard is here to help

Marketer's Guard is a service that allows you to get notifications when networks or advertisers don't pay. It sends you warnings whenever a complaint is filed against a network or advertiser. This lets you stop your campaigns before its too late saving you a ton of money.

Marketer's Guard Testimonials

"In 2010, I lost over $21K for my legitimate traffic because of affiliate networks that don't pay." - Austin Fenhouse

"In 2011, I lost over $146,955.11 for my legitimate traffic because of affiliate networks that don't pay." - Max Entin

"Marketers Guard really works. I tried for several months to get credit for affiliate sales I made but got nowhere with the affiliate network. Marketers Guard got my problem solved in only 3 days and it didn't cost me a dime. Thanks Marketers Guard!" - Carlos Scarpero

Limited Time Marketer's Guard Deal

Exclusive coupon saves you 35% on Marketer's Guard Payment Protection Service

Whether you are an affiliate or a network you need to be protected from networks and advertisers that just don't pay. Don't lose money you rightfully earned!

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253 Responses to 35% Off Marketers Guard Payment Protection Service

  1. Question

    How does Marketers guard actually work?
    1. Is there some type of code put on the website that can track if an advertiser or network doesn’t pay for a transaction or purchase?

    2. Does marketers guard work on Blogs, like WordPress. Blogger etc….

    3. Is the $19 a (one-time fee) or monthly?

  2. Hello Lisa,

    No, we provide credit reporting services. You can check our database to see if advertiser had any history of non-payment and subscribe for our alerts if you want to be notified of potential non-payment problems in real time.