mSpy, is Proud to Introduce its Brand New Affiliate Program

spycash_blog_small mSpy, the developers of highly successful and popular business and personal monitoring solution for mobile devices, is proud to introduce its brand new affiliate program with a wider range of affiliate offers, creative materials and payout options, supported by recent integration with HasOffers, an independent tracking and attribution platform.

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
The affiliate team of mSpy is happy to be finally presenting you with our revamped offers, more flexible payment terms and better promotional and reporting tools. Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we get from affiliates.

What is mSpy?
The idea behind mSpy was born in the UK back in 2009. Our fully functional product went live on the market in 2011 and last year we have gained official recognition as the best Cell Phone Monitoring software. We were ranked #2 by, merely due to being slightly more expensive than brand #1, otherwise surpassing all our competitors feature and service wise. We were also featured on StartUpBeat, TheNextWeb, PerformanceIn as well as mentioned in Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and many others.

What features does mSpy have?
We know and deliver what our clients are looking for, for a full list of features please check our website:

• Call recording
• SMS and call logs storage
• GPS tracking
• Recording of surroundings
• Monitoring of media files storage
• Keylogger (emails, chat messages, all input data)
• Instant messengers (Facebook messenger, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.)
• Remote control capabilities

What are your niches?
Key niches are parents, business owners and individual users. It is quite easy to target relevant audience by using our specific landing pages and creative materials. Positioning is key to success and you may target ads at individuals looking to solve some of the personal issues (such as infidelity allegations or simply keeping track of one’s phone whereabouts), parents wanting to make sure their kids are safe and sound, and business owners looking to enforce corporate devices policies.

How does it work and what platforms do you support?
mSpy works on Jailbroken iOS and Android platforms, as well as Blackberry. The software needs to be installed right onto the mobile device that a client wants to track, and they need physical access to it only during the installation stage. After installation complete, which should not take more than 30 minutes, clients may adjust all settings of this application remotely anytime from their web Control Panel. Monitored phone will connect to our servers in order to sync data within indicated time period.

So what do affiliates get from working with you?
First of all, you will partner with a reliable, known player on the market that continuously delivers and exceeds expectations. We offer you the right tools and resources to share our success, which equals high commissions, starting at 50% Revenue Share and regular payouts.
We have released a number of highly successful shops such as and and localized several landing pages in major world languages. One of the major addition to mSpy and its affiliate program is the recent integration with HasOffers, a widely acknowledged independent and unbiased attribution and tracking platform.

What are the key benefits of your program?
• Reliable, real-time, secure S2S tracking and attribution
• Upcoming, new models of cooperation, previously impossible to arrange: Cost per Install in mobile, Credit Submits in trial offers, and traditional Cost per Sale/Revenue Share.
• New range of offers, including standard WEB at and new MOBILE at
• Variety of landing pages and their localizations in six major languages, such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Parental control (regional version available for EN, BR, DE, FR, IT, MX)
• Creative materials available for download or linking directly to from HasOffers
• Multilanguage SEO and PPC keywords
• 90 days attribution period
• No countries/browser restrictions
• Affiliates can also now choose between Fixed Price and Revenue Share models on relevant offers.
• Dedicated affiliate manager that will help you out on any questions you might have
• Tiered payouts system:
o Bronze: up to 99 sales/month - 50% Revenue Share
o Silver: above 99 and up to 199/month - 60% Revenue Share
o Gold: above 299/month - 70% Revenue Share

And what brings you integration with HasOffers?
• Modern, easy to use interface and reporting
• Creation of ad groups in case you're running several ads and would like to enable auto-optimization or apply custom weighting to ad placement
• Long-awaited feature of measuring performance by passing relevant sub_ids from CAKE or any other analytics platforms that you use
• Ability to add your own tracking Pixel/Postback URL to dynamically track conversion in third-party systems
• Additional payment option - Payoneer card transfers (including previously used EPESE, WebMoney and PayPal payment methods)

Our strategy is to try to remove as many obstacles as possible that prevent affiliates from concentrating on their actual job instead of wasting time on this that. We do take communication seriously, since a satisfied client has far fewer grounds if none to ask for a refund or file for a chargeback with their bank. That does affect affiliate earnings directly.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for mSpy?
Last week we have released beta version of our PC & Mac Monitoring service that is designed for clients looking to monitor their desktop computers. Right now it comes as an additional 90 days free version for all of our clients. Once tested properly we will announce a new offer for affiliates. Also, later this year we are going to release our new mSpy version specifically targeted at customers who need to monitor iOS devices without the need to physically access the device during installation, something that has been anticipated by a large group of existing and prospective customers. Do not hesitate to contact us today or Sign-up directly at!

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