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LOLLITAP is an evolving mobile performance ad network, constantly developing with the mobile ecosystem to provide you with the most essential marketing solutions on pay per results basis.

We offer an access to global mobile market with lots of CPI/CPA campaigns among different verticals. Our mission is prosperity of our partners, so that’s why we offer the most competitive payouts and pay just in time.
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Demotore IOS 9.0+ JP

Demotore	IOS  9.0+	JP ReviewPreview
$1.05 / cpa
Added: Nov 16

[WEB] Hero Zero (SOI) - FR

[WEB] Hero Zero (SOI) - FR ReviewPreview
$0.80 / cpa
Added: Nov 23
Lollitap Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA
Frequency: Monthly
Payment Method: Wire
Referral Commission: 3%
Network Platform: HasOffers
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8 Reviews for Lollitap

  1. Review By: cpamokey

    I have worked with LOLLITAP in a few months and I had a horrible experience.
    - Support is never answered my emails
    - My manager is very rude
    - Their offers are rerun from other networks
    - Payout is very low
    - They are never paid and they just keep your money
    I really recommend not to work with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are confused, what’s happened ? We never worked with CPAmokey.
      Please write to and describe your situation.
      And we will consider your case as prior.

      Thanks a lot.

    • The offers from this network is not working well. I do not recommend this network… KEEP OUT!

    • Hello sir,

      We never worked with cpamokey before..
      I guess someone paid you for this reference, but if not feel free to contact us via email
      that I’ve mentioned below.

      Thank you.

    • You just send a comment when you see my comment here.
      It’s worse when working with your network. I’ve lost a lot of money to buy traffic for your offers.
      I will never work with your network again and I would recommend everyone to stay away from your network.
      Because you did not pay me while 100% of my traffic is good. Maxbounty paid me all but you kept it to yourself.
      I believe you will do the same with other publishers.

  2. Review By: sofia

    Good guys. Nice CPI offers and nice account managers. Recommend!

  3. Review By: dennismackler

    I do not recommend this company. I have received zero commissions. My ads are getting plenty of clicks and still nothing.

  4. Review By: dance

    Got 25k plus pending since Mar 2016 and they are unresponsive. They are neither available on phone nor they respond via Email.

    LOLLITAP IS A SCAM and A Pathetic Network. Stay away from them!

    • Hello Dance,


      Please introduce yourself. who are you ??
      $25K plus pending since Mar 2016?! this is an unscrupulous review.
      ANOTHER DEFAULTING REVIEW, that has nothing with reality.
      It seems that it comes from the same people or network ?

      Whoever you are, if you had any issues feel free to contact us via email and describe your situation:

  5. Review By: jessy

    Great network to work with! I’m working with them for more than 6 months and never had any problems with the payments. It’s a really good network with lots of relevant offers. Thank you guys!!!!!!!

  6. Review By: cpamokey

    Scam told me to write good review here and they will send payment but waited for over two months not got my payment.
    Don’t waste your money becuase they dont pay all members.
    LOLLITP is a SCAM.

  7. Review By: leonardo22

    Reliable network! Pleasant account managers.
    I’m already working with them about 7 months now and never had serious issues.
    Regulare notifications and payments.
    They don’t have much offers but most of them have a decent payouts. Recommended !

  8. Review By: david1

    Reliable guys, truly dedicated account managers, selected CPI offers with competitive payouts, regular payments. Recommended. keep it up!

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