LeadsMarket Co-Founder Shares That Their Top Affiliates Earn $200,000 A Month

Leads Market

LeadsMarket is an exclusive affiliate network that runs a collection of proprietary cash advance and payday offers. LeadsMarket owns and operated all the offers in their network.

What this means for affiliates is that there is no middle man to take a chunk of your payout, you can easily communicate with LeadsMarket regarding landing pages tweaks etc, and you won't find their offers anywhere else. We caught up with LeadsMarket co-founder Frank Kasimov to find out a little bit more about their operation, why the payday niche is hot right now and how much money their top affiliates are earning.

Hi Frank, could you please tell us where you're from and how you go into performance marketing?
I live in Los Angeles. I went into performance marketing after learning how to improve website's organic ranking while in college. Combining marketing and analytical skills came in naturally to me.

What was the first commission you ever earned?
My first commission earned was selling insurance leads that I generated using search engine marketing.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the industry since 2003.

You were a successful affiliate before you started with LeadsMarket. What did you promote and how did you make the transition to LeadsMarket?
At first I was an affiliate, later I managed online marketing for InsuranceLeads.com and then I co-founded LeadsMarket.com

How long has LeadsMarket been in business?
LeadsMarket.com has been in business since 2011, but co-founders of the company have been in lead generation industry since 2003.

LeadsMarket has a reputation for high quality payday and cash advance offers. Why do your offers convert so well?
LeadsMarket.com payday loan affiliate program pays more because we have a direct relationship with about 100 lenders. We don't broker offers. Our payday offers convert better because our team of Internet Einsteins works very hard to improve our landing pages and our proprietary software called Optimo constantly optimizes the lead distribution funnels to provide affiliates with highest possible payouts.

Are your offers exclusive and direct?
Yes. All of our offers are exclusive and direct. We own and operate every offer that we give to affiliates. We are not a CPA Network. We are an Advertiser with an in house affiliate program.

Why should affiliates consider promoting payday and cash advance offers?
There are 7 reasons why affiliates should promote payday offers:

1. Potential payouts from promoting cash advance offers is huge. Top publishers earn millions of dollars a year.

2. Unlike some saturated industries there is not that much competition to promote payday loan offers.

3. Popularity of payday loans have increased tremendously in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom mainly because of the economic recession and now depression.

4. People in need of a payday loans tend to fill out the application at an extremely high rate. Typical conversion rate from search traffic is about 70%.

5. Publishers can start promoting payday loan offers without having a large advertising budget. Email works very good for generating payday loan leads.

6. There are lots of low competition keywords in the cash advance space that can generate huge ROI for search marketers.

7. It is a great time to get started in the payday loan industry. Number of people that need a payday loan keeps increasing every day.

How much do your highest earning affiliates make in a month?
One of our publishers makes about $200,000 a month.

Do you have any recommended reading or resources for affiliate looking to promote payday / cash advance?
We supply our publishers with many secret white papers written by our in house online marketing experts to help them promote payday loan offers. Once publisher joins LeadsMarket.com and his or her account is approved, we give them access to these white papers.

Tell us about LeadsMarket's Royal Treatment Program for affiliates.
We pay affiliates weekly. We have a full time in house IT stuff that can accommodate affiliate's custom requests within very short period of time. We give affiliates lion's share of the revenue. Each affiliate gets a dedicated account manager and technical support manager to help them with their account. We always give our top affiliates bonuses, gifts, and take them out to have fun during conventions.

You developed a powerful tool to help affiliates generate more leads called FORMA. Tell us about it.
Many affiliates don't like to waste time coding and integrating with advertisers. Some publishers don't have the technical knowledge or resources to program. We created a widget called FORMA which allows affiliates to integrate with us in just few seconds without any technical skills.

You also developed an algorithm called Optimo. How does this technology make affiliate more money.
Optimo is the name of our proprietary software. There are multiple algorithms within Optimo. Optimo is what happens when you merge marketing with rocket science. Purpose of Optimo is to optimize the lead distribution funnel to maximize payouts for affiliates and to provide lead buyers with optimal results. Because of the volume of leads that go through LeadsMarket.com everyday, our team of Internet Einsteins has developed several algorithms that automatically look for ways to sell the lead for maximum possible price.

Tell us a story about an affiliate who found success with LeadsMarket.
We signed up one affiliate from overseas few months ago. He is from a small country. We showed this affiliate the ins and outs of making money generating payday loan leads. We helped this affiliate with his website, hosting, helped set up his paid search campaign, supplied him with keywords, gave him FORMA widget. First month this affiliate made about $4,000 in commissions. Second month he made close to $36,000. He was so happy with results, he referred us 11 more affiliates from his country, some of which are his cousins whom he taught how to advertise online himself. All of these 11 affiliates are now making high commissions with LeadsMarket.com.

Your payouts for for payday and loans are amongst the highest in the business. What's your secret?
Because LeadsMarket.com is an advertiser, affiliates eliminate the middleman when working with us. Working directly with the advertiser affiliate earn more money. Another secret is Optimo. Optimo helps us pay more to affiliates.

Does leadsmarket offer any training or marketing support for affiliates?
Yes. We offer affiliates white papers, keyword lists, supply with with email and banner creatives and refer them to vendors that can help them advertise online. LeadsMarket.com gives affiliates GPS to Success.

If it's 3am on a Saturday night is LeadsMarket there to offer support if needed?
Yes. When affiliate submits a support request, this request is automatically emailed to multiple people. All of our team members check their work emails on their phone over the weekend. When affiliate calls and his or her account manager cannot answer the phone, phone call is redirected to another LeadsMarket.com team member who is equipped to answer questions.

What tracking platform do you use?
Our proprietary custom build software Optimo. Without exaggeration and being very humble I can tell you that Optimo is the best and most user friendly tracking platform in the industry. You can be a judge of this yourself. Sing up for a free affiliate account with LeadsMarket.com and check out Optimo.

Are you running any promotions or specials?
Yes. Affiliates who join LeadsMarket.com qualify to receive 90% revenue share. Some months we offer top publishers an iPad or an iPhone.

Anything else you would like to tell our community?
LeadsMarket.com is heaven for affiliates. We share skills and profit. Join and prosper with LeadsMarket.com.

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  2. Awesome interview. I signed up already.

    Let me tell you the Optimo software is awesome… the dashboard is so easy to navigate, very user friendly..

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