How ZombaTree generates $160 per lead


The payday and finance market is hot for affiliates right now. Thousands of people across the USA are actively trying to get out of debt and this means that there is a surplus of fuel to feed the financial market's furnace. The cost of money is at historic lows and with interests rates threatening to creep up, both consumer and institutional borrowers are looking to borrow today.

So what does this mean for affiliates? Well, savvy affiliates are leveraging the momentum of increased demand to drive conversions. As it usually goes in finance, there is a colossal amount of money to be made and one secret is to get in when the market is in full swing. The other secret is to partner with an affiliate network that specializes in payday such as ZombaTree.

The founder of ZombaTree is a super successful finance veteran, owns of one the top 3 lending companies in the UK and is armed with 17 years of lending experience. This means ZombaTree has fantastic relationships and leverage with all the institutions that pay big bucks for finance leads. This is the core reason why ZombaTree can offer higher payouts and higher conversion rates than other payday competitors.

For every lead you generate ZombaTree sells it to multiple buyers

When you generate a lead with ZombaTree, it goes into their "ping tree" which instantly and electronically puts the lead on the market for multiple lenders to buy. This means that every lead you generate can be bought multiple times. The result? Commissions of up to $160 for a single lead.

As an affiliate of Zomba you get direct consulting from experienced former lenders to help you structure your campaigns and send your earnings per lead sailing into the black. Enjoy statistical performance graphs that drill down highest conversion % to the best days of the week and even best times of day to have your campaigns firing. And on top of that, feel secure with wire fee free (just try saying that fast!) on your weekly payouts.

ZombaTree is accepting new affiliates and will be introducing new exclusives soon.

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  1. What does ZombaTree specifically do though and how?