How To Use oDigger

oDigger provides an easy way to search for affiliate offers, networks, news and resources. We created this short guide to help you learn how to use the site and see how oDigger can make you more money as a performance marketer.

First Steps

1. Edit Your Profile
The first thing you’ll want to do is edit your profile and change your avatar. Your profile is the way you’ll be known on the site and will help communicate your skills, strengths and role to others in the industry.


  a. Login here
  b. On your member page go to Profile --> Edit --> General Info
  c. Fill in the fields and SAVE

2. Introduce Yourself

The second thing is go to the forum and say "hi"! The oDigger forum is the meeting grounds that will help you network with and learn from other performance marketers.


  a. Go to oDigger Forums
  b. Check out the latest activity
  c. Create a Thread and say "hi"!

Using oDigger

Find Affiliate Offers
Choosing the right niche and affiliate offer to promote is critical to running a profitable affiliate marketing campaign. oDigger is the biggest affiliate offer search and lets you search for over 60,000 affiliate offers across 300 networks. Compare payouts, discover new offers and take your business to the next level.

Search For Affiliate Offers

Check Network Reputations
oDigger provides an open platform for people to talk about and leave feedback for affiliate networks. You can now do a background check on each network based on what real affiliates have to say.

Check Network Reviews

Get Exclusive Deals on Affiliate Marketing Training and Tools
Every successful affiliate has a suite of affiliate marketing tools in their arsenal to maximize their revenues. The oDigger Deals section offers special exclusive deals on the tools and resources you need to build and run profitable campaigns.

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  1. The mailing list for odigger deals is no longer active. Although, all the deals have expired.

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    It was nice to read all of your statements. It’s comforting.

    • Help me out I just signed up and you are the first person” I think ” that is real so let’s help each other out?

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