How To Make People Do What You Want On Your Landing Pages

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Have you ever felt like your landing page does nothing but send traffic back out into the ether? You build a masterful landing page, following all of the rules, and still your average time on page is about eight seconds. Your readers aren’t even there long enough to really call it a “landing” page; they seem to just bounce away.

Everyone in affiliate marketing has had pages like this. Some folks can’t seem to make anything but bounce pages. If you want to succeed, you need to know how to turn a bounce page into a landing page; and you can do it with one key process:


Split Testing.

By tweaking various elements on your landing page, you can maximize conversions and send your profits through the roof. Simple changes can make a big difference, but you need to know how to make those changes as well as properly track their results.

Here are some basic landing page test principles to make your page pop and your sales jump:

1. Know what elements to tweak first. There are dozens of elements on a good landing page. You need to know which ones are most important, and work from the top down. The top 5 elements of your page are, in order: the headline, the offer, the lead paragraph, benefits list, and images. After optimizing those elements, you can look at other, less-important elements like buttons, pricing, formatting, navigation, and more.

2. Change only one thing at a time. It’s going to be tempting to make a half a dozen tweaks all at once. Don’t do it. You need to be able to isolate specific tweaks so you can really know what works and what doesn’t.

3. Implement a detailed testing methodology. You need to have access to as much data as possible in order to know whether your changes helped. Conversion data is, obviously, the most important number, but factors such as time on page can give you tons of information about your readers and what they don’t like about your landing page, as well.

4. Give your changes enough time to produce results. Depending on the volume of traffic to your page, you’re going to need some time to see if the changes you made had a positive or negative effect. You’re looking for volume, here. Make sure any increases (or decreases) are truly statistically significant.

5. Apply what you learn across your entire affiliate marketing business. While different customer groups respond differently to certain landing page styles and elements, chances are pretty good that a tweak that doubles sales on one page will increase sales, at least marginally, on another.

6. Get a good split testing script. This one is super important. Keeping track of which variables convert and which are cancer can quickly get overwhelming. Luckily there are many fantastic products out there that break everything down and give you neatly organized reports to help you make your decisions. A simple yet powerful piece of software that we use for our split testing is called SplitPiston.

Many split testing software services are on the expensive side but you can get 30 full days of access to SplitPiston for just $1 and with our special deal, it only costs $30 / month thereafter.

Finally, remember that not every bounce page can be tweaked into a landing page. In some cases, you’re best off scrapping what you have and starting fresh, or even moving to a new product or niche.


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