Hot Computer Backup Company Pays Up To $125 Per Conversion

Instant Computer Backup

Computer backup companies are enjoying prosperous growth and those with strong affiliate programs are producing a number of wealthy super affiliates.

Consider this: 10% of people now use a back up service to protect their files daily. But 30% of people still have never backed up a file in their life. This means there are still millions of people to sell a computer back up service to and hundreds of millions to be earned in commissions.

There are many good computer backup companies out there but most have crappy affiliate programs that pay out measly commissions.

But some, like Instant Computer Backup, consider affiliates a core part of their sales strategy. Instant Computer Backup runs a lucrative affiliate program that boasts some of the highest conversion stats in the business. They also offer some mind blowing payouts: up to $125 per sale!

High conversion rates and payouts are great, but what really makes Instant Computer Backup (and computer backup in general) a big money maker is the global scale of the market.

Everyone with a computer can benefit from computer back up services and there is no shortage of ways to market the offer. Some people need to back up their files for work. Some for school. Others need it to protect photos, videos and media. Some need to save gaming data. You get the point :)

Instant Computer Backup runs their own affiliate program and they provide airtight tracking, 100% transparency and real-time stats and reporting. There is no middle man taking a piece of the pie which is why their payouts are so high. And if you start running some volume, you can likely bump your commissions even higher.

Going to Affiliate Summit West? Listen up! Instant Computer Backup will give an additional $1,000 to any affiliate who generates more than 20 sales by the end of February. Simply sign up to Instant Computer Backup at ASW. Look for the girls in the "Ask me for $1000" t-shirts walking the tradeshow floor. You can do that, cant you? :)

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