HeatSync, the new analytics platform that lets you track your website and your competition


I didn't realize it, but I've been pining for an analytics platform like HeatSync for a while now.

You see, I'm a stat addict and I religiously reference Alexa, Compete.com, Google Analytics, SEOmoz, WOT.com and a variety of other great information sources to gather intel about my sites and those of my competitors. But keeping tabs on all these data points gets high maintenance very quickly. I needed an analytics source that brings it all together and until I signed up for HeatSync, I never realized how much I was missing out on.

HeatSync is a brand new analytics platform that just opened their beta version to the public a couple weeks ago. The reason I'm quickly falling in love with HeatSync is because it provides crisp beautiful analytics across a variety of channels which gives you profound insights into the health of your websites AND any of the websites of your competitors.

In other words, HeatSync aggregates and presents metrics from the most trusted and useful analytics sources in the industry. This enables you to effortlessly track how well your sites are performing across sources such as Alexa, Compete, Facebook, SEOmoz, WOT and more all in one place. Better yet, you can compare how your sites' traffic trends, social media campaigns, SEO campaigns etc stack up compared to the competition. This lets you easily identify your site's strengths and weaknesses and indicates opportunities to improve your sites.

Are strong Facebook and twitter campaigns the key to your competitors success? HeatSync will tell you. Are your competitors launching a new seo initiative? HeatSync will tell you. Are you making giant leaps in traffic compared to your competitors? HeatSync will tell you!

My favorite part about HeatSync is the the clear and easy to digest way in which they present the data. Sign in to HeaSync and you are greeted by big beautiful charts that your brain naturally starts to process. Navigation is simple and you're only a click or two away from finding the metrics you want.

Theoretically, you could go out, create accounts on SEOmoz, Compete.com, Facebook etc and compile all this competitive analysis info yourself. But it would take hours and you would be buried under and avalanche of spreadsheets. HeatSync plugs in to the aforementioned leading analytics platforms and instantly retrieves all the statistical magic sauce for your review.

The best part is it's free! Well, at least for now. Getting set up on HeatSync is a breeze and you can start scoping out new metrics for your site (and your competitors!) in less than a minute. My advice is to register for HeatSync while it's still free!

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  1. Well hello thanks for recommending this, as you rightly point out if we were to track all the metrics we were supposed to do then we would never get anything else done! With this service its all logically laid out and does not represent the opinion of just one metric voice which is important.

    As you point out the ability to figure out exactly how your competitor is whooping your ass is one of the best features and pretty soon, you can have them scratching their heads as to why you are always one step ahead of them…