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General Forum Questions

How is the forum structured?
You may notice that the oDigger forum is structured slightly different than your average vbulletin forum. On our forum homepage you will find a list of the latest forum threads from all the forum categories on oDigger. If you would like to see threads from a specific forum category then look to the right hand column called "All Forums" and click on the forum category you would like to enter.

How do I register for the forum and oDigger?
See the dark grey menu bar at the top of the page? There is a Sign Up link up there. Click the Sign Up link and you will be taken to the Account Creation page. Create your account there. Once you have created and activated your account, you can post in the forum and configure your account profile.

How do I login to my account?
Through the Login link at the very top of the page on the dark gray menu bar.

I created an account but never got an activation email. What do I do?
Sometimes there is a short delay between submitting your account and receiving your activation email but either way, check your spam folder and double check that you used the correct email. If you're sure you didn't get an email, then contact us at "support [at]", tell us your username and email and we'll get your account activated for you.

What are points?
When you participate on oDigger (posting in the forum, posting blog comments etc) you earn points for your activity. As your point total grows, you can reach higher levels. As you progress in levels, new account features and abilities are opened up to you. Check out our Points and Ranks page for an outline of oDigger's point structure.

What are ranks?
When you join oDigger, you start out ranked as a Rookie and as you earn points for your activity on the site, you can ascend to higher ranks. There are 9 ranks in total and with each new rank you unlock new account features and abilities. Check out our Points and Ranks page for details regarding rank progression.

How do I create a forum thread?
First, you must be logged in to post a new forum thread. On the forum homepage click the orange button near the top of the page called "Create Thread". On the next page fill out the  Thread Title field, Thread Description field and select a forum for the thread to be posted into from the Forum drop down. You also have the option to add tags to your thread, which help search engines find your thread, in the Thread Tags field. Click the "Submit" button and your thread will be created.

How do I reply to a forum post?
With the "Reply to" fields at the bottom of the forum posts page.

How do I post links in forum posts?
In order to post links in forum posts you must have at least 1,000 points and be a rank of Grinder or higher.

Why are my forum post links "nofollow"?
>You must have at least ***** points

How do I search for threads and posts?
The forum is new so there aren't many threads to search through yet! We'll implement forum search when the thread cont grows. 

Member Page Questions

How do I get to my member page?
When you're logged in, mouse over the "My Account" link on the menu bar at the very top of the site. This will activate a drop down with links to all areas of your member page and account.

What are Activity feeds?
The activity feed is a timeline of activity on oDigger and can be found on your member page. The default selection for activity is Personal, which reports a record of your personal activity on oDigger. You can select to view Mentions, which reports all the instances when others have mentioned you in posts and you can select Following, which outlines all the activity of the people you are following.

How do I edit / configure my profile?
On you member page click the "Profile" menu item. This will take you to the Profile section of your member page. You will see 3 sub menu items called Public, Edit and Change Avatar. Public is the information that others who view your profile can see and is broken down into General Info and Business Info.

Edit allows you to add and configure your profile information. Once you click Edit it will take you to fill out your General Info. To edit your Business Info fields, click the "Business Info" button. After you configure your info you can then switch to the Public menu item and preview the way it looks.

Change Avatar is pretty self explanatory :)

Why should I configure my profile?
Filling out your profile info helps communicate your performance marketing strengths to others and let's us only share information that's relevant to you. Plus, you get an extra +100 points for uploading an avatar image!

How do I create a signature?
To create a signature got to your Member Page --> Profile --> Edit (General Info) then scroll down to the signature field and "Save"

Can I include links in my signature?

Can I include images in my signature?
You must have a premium account or at least 50,000 points (Rank: Liquid) to post an image in your sig.

How do I change my avatar?
Go to your Member Page --> Profile --> Change Avatar

What is following and how do I follow someone?
When you follow someone, their activity will show up in your Following activity feed. Following is good for keeping up with members of the site who you can learn from.

How do I send a private message?
You need at least **** points to send a private message.

What is a public message and how do I send one?
Public messaging is essentially like posting on someone's "wall" on Facebook. You can public message any other oDigger members by going to their member page and clicking the "Public Message" button. 

This will take you to the Status Update field on your own member page with the name of the member you (@odiggermembername) prefilled in. Simply type your message and click "Post Update"

Alternatively, you can public message any oDigger member from your own member page by typing in @odiggermembername in your Status Update box.

When you public message someone, your message will post to their Mentions activity feed and (if they have their notifications configured this way) they will get an email alert of the message. Your public message will also be displayed and replace your "Status Update" field.

Posting Reviews and Comments

What are the guidelines for posting a negative network review?
If you are posting a negative review of a network then you must be specific about your negative experience. This way the network can address your experience and try to rectify it. Reviews like "Scam!" or "They suck" will be erased.

If a network owes you money, explain how much, when and what types of leads or sales you generated for them. Reviews that say "They scammed me out of $,2000 will also be rejected.

What are the guidelines for posting a positive / neutral network review?
Like posting negative reviews, the review must genuine and honest. Try to be specific about your experience and why you like the network. Reviews from member accounts with the same ip address (or if we suspect it is the same person) will be erased. 

Other Questions

What is an oDigger Premium account?
You will see soon :)

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