How to earn $5,000 per day with Fiverr affiliate program

It's official. Fiverr's affiliate program is here and affiliates are already starting to crush it.
For those of you who don't know, Fiverr is a marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell services, or "gigs" as they call them, for $5. Launched in 2010, Fiverr has been a smash hit and is one of the most popular classified boards in the world. 
For whatever reason, people seem to love Fiverr and a select number of affiliates have been dominating Fiverr's new affiliate program. The scale of Fiverr's affiliate potential is massive and some affiliates are already making $5,000 a day.
Fiverr's affiliate program works like this. Refer a new customer (someone who buys a service for $5) and you get paid. That's it! Payouts range from $7 to $17 depending on the quality of your traffic. Either way, you get paid more than $5 when someone makes a purchase for only $5 ;)
What I really love about Fiver is that the angles to promote Fiverr are endless. Since all services on Fiverr only cost $5, you can create some pretty compelling ads and drill down some laser targeting. For example:
(Targeting web design)
(Targeting students)
(Targeting guys goofing off)
The ads practically write themselves and the creative possibilities just go on and on! Simply refer a new customer to Fiverr and you get paid. 
Fiverr also has some pretty badass banner ad templates to help you out:
Fiverr's affiliate program is global, which means that accept traffic from all countries and they use the ever reliable HasOffer's for their tracking platform.
This is one of the few affiliate programs I have gotten excited about this year and it should be both fun and rewarding to promote. You can contact if you have any questions or:

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  6. I read in a Work at Home program that Fiverr is the place to go to find people to post links for you at as low as $5 per link. Sounds like a great deal to me.