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DigitalRaves is a new generation digital marketing platform that intends to help redefine the way digital marketing is been done across board by teaching the core principles of marketing like no one else in the industry, giving clarity of purpose where digital marketing is concerned, Delivering uttermost result for both advertisers and publishers, maximum support until goal is achieved. Why not join DigitalRaves today and have a different experience with digital marketing.

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DigitalRaves Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS / CPI
Frequency: Weekly / Bi-weekly / Net 15 / Net 30
Payment Method: Check / Ach / Wire / Paypal / Payoneer
Phone Numbers: +2347067803766
Referral Commission: 5%
Network Platform: Cake Marketing
Affiliate Manager AIM: Skype:
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20 Reviews for DigitalRaves

  1. Review By: publisherwall

    view your network at publisherWall and Rate it..

    Digital Raves is a Performance Marketing Network with Head Office in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. With range of Affiliates in the LATAM, TIER1, TIER2 AND 3, GCC and across other Geos of the World, Digitalraves promote Campaigns in all verticals and deliver Volume of Traffic on all Top converting Campaigns. Our Traffic Sources include Emails, Banners, Contextual, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Incents and Non Incents. We have State of the Art Fraud Detective Facility, hence delivering Result is our Watchword. Our Personnel are prolific, Accommodating and Goal-driven at any time and in different settings.

  2. Review By: hungh2689

    good network, good payment..
    we can earn more money from them..
    register and auto approved:

  3. Review By: jamesh

    Great network. Nice people

    • Hi Jamesh, i am surprised to read your comment above. i am sure there are a couple of fake networks out there but i assure you we are not one. We always look for ways to engage with affiliates and we welcome feedback so we can better serve our affiliates. If you have a particular issue, please reach out to me on Skype : and we would find a way to resolve it.

  4. Review By: uesat

    Be careful with this network. Your payments tend to disappear

    • Hi Uesat, I am sorry to learn about your complaint. I find that to be very strange “dissappearing payments”. i would appreciate if you can contact us on Skype : so we can identify the issue and resolve it together. Kind regards

  5. Review By: mariannecrawford476

    I like their team and payout is good on offers. You can signup under me to get auto-approved

  6. Review By: mastermind90

    Digital Raves Scammed me for $10K+, Stay away from this network.
    This is network is full of shits don’t work with them.

  7. Review By: rizwanmedia

    Digital raves is a big SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Stay away from this network, They owe me $600+ and i sent paid traffic from showed everything to my AM OmoKafe is a real Shit! He has been saying you will be paid, Don’t worry you will be paid, I asked him why the payment is being delayed and he said don’t worry we will pay you, it’s been 2 months now and neither they are paying nor replying, Such a shitty network i have ever seen in my Affiliate Marketing life.

  8. Review By: bernard

    I just started working with digital raves and in a month i made over $1000. Thanks to my manager Omokafe

  9. Review By: kareem7

    Worst Network i have ever worked with!

    They ripped me of $900 because the advertiser didn’t want to pay!!!

    They promised to help me out however now they don’t even reply to my messages!!!

    Worst support ever ever!!!

    I’m so so disappointed and not recommend wasting your time with them!

  10. Review By: digitalraves

    Hi Dennismackler,

    We checked our platform and we couldnt see anyone with such name, you can please provide us your affiliate id. Also if you can refer your complains to , you can be rest assured to get a feedback from us. I believe thats the best answer on this cause you didnt state any reason or what issues you faced with DigitalRaves.


  11. Review By: cpamokey

    Worst Network! You need to follow up 100 times first for validations and then for payment. The point of contact with whom you were in touch disappears suddenly from the company and you left with no option whom to talk and connect. They will make some false commitment to get you shifted from other network and at the time of payout – they will say that they can’t make this much payout as they are not making much profit out of it.

    • Hi Cpamonkey,

      Please provide us with your affiliate id and we can look into this. But from the point of sign up, we always send you an email for support, we send daily offers notification, any of these email can be reached if you have any issues. And if we change your point of contact, you will be the first to get an email. We validate every numbers at the end of the month and make payment 15 of the next month, exceptions are only in case of fraudulent affiliates. I dont know whom your point of contact is but we can look into this for you please send us an email at


  12. Review By: mrharoonawan

    Bad Network. Made money didn’t get paid on SEO offer of Payday.
    Offers Clearly States: SEO, OTHERS ADWARE. but you give them proof, you get bad reply.

    As well, we have been trying to work on offers, we get message accepted then we open link, wow we are already blocked like what’s going on?. Today our dashboard was frozen, now clicks are working as well leads. Bad for business. Time waste!

  13. Review By: mauro

    Payment received. Very attentive affiliate network with great support

  14. Review By: Raul Cazares

    Digitalraves is a good network,pay me on time and OKI is kindly

  15. Review By: banksgpt

    check my 2nd payment prove

  16. Review By: banksgpt

    I love working with them. I get the best payouts and prompt response from the support thats almost online 24/7 and timely payout . I recommend you to work with digitalraves.

  17. Review By: divyansh

    Really A Very Good Network.
    1. 24×7 Support.
    2. Friendly And Helping Support.
    3. Number Of Offers In All Verticals.
    4. On Time Payment .
    5. Segun Always Help You.
    6.Easy Registration And Fast Access To The Offer You Want To Run.
    7. Payment Proof Must Check.
    Nothing You can’t expect more than this from a network.

  18. Review By: colornguye

    I get my first payment for my first month from Digitalraves. The best support, best offers, and especially best AM.. Segun. Highly recommend! I hope i could make more!

  19. Review By: zacharyrobertson664

    I love working with them. I get the best payouts and prompt response from the support thats almost online 24/7. I recommend you to work with digitalraves.

    • Digitalraves is a Great network I love working with them its Great paymed support very good i am find october commission 1001 usd there

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