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If you stuffed the entire affiliate marketing community into an auditorium and asked them to identify the one resource they couldn't live without, you would collectively hear them holler back:


Tracking your conversions is the beating heart of all your affiliate marketing campaigns and CPV Lab has quickly become the go-to tracking choice amongst performance marketers. I bought my copy of CPV Lab 2 months ago and have been overly impressed. Here’s why.

What is CPV Lab?

First things first. CPV Lab is a software suite that you install on your server. This means you can turn any domain of yours into a tracking url and all data is stored securely on your machine. Right off the bat this has many valuable benefits for PPC. This means that your tracking analytics are 100% private and, if you are direct linking, means you don’t have to use the tracking urls of your affiliate network as your destination URLs. This is especially important since Facebook and some other traffic sources have been using MyWOT to judge the quality of destination sites and some network tracking urls have been getting low scores.

How Can CPV Lab Boost Your Sales?

You Can Track Any Traffic Source
Though it’s called CPV Lab, the software tracks ANY and ALL traffic sources (facebook, pof, ppv etc) and allows you pass to pass sub ids and tokens as well. Passing information is extremely useful (for matching up info in your ad with info on your landing page) and Imrat has a great tutorial (http://imrat.com/2011/03/track-multiple-ppv-networks-single-cpvlab-campaign/ ) on how to set up tokens in CPV Lab.

Easily and Quickly Identify Winning Ads and Landing Pages
CPV Lab gives you a lot of power and control over the elements you would like to track. You can easily rotate in landing page variations and or offers to your split tests. Want to split test 3 offers in a direct linking campaign? Easy. Want to split test a direct linking campaign vs 2 landing pages? Easy. Want to split test a direct linking campaign with 2 offers vs a 2 landing pages with 2 offers? Easy!

CPV Lab is super flexible and lets you track just about anything you want. Their reporting is tight and lets you drill down to the exact variables that are making or losing you money.

Quickly create new campaigns.
If you’ve used Tracking202 before, you know that setting up multiple campaigns can be tedious. With CPV Lab you paste in the URL to you landing page and you’re done. You can even clone campaigns which make setting up new or similar campaigns even faster.

Easy To Use
Newbies may have gotten a little anxious when I mentioned that CPV Lab is self hosted but in all honesty it’s super simple to use. They have a comprehensive support section as well as detailed videos explaining how to set CPV Lab up and get campaigns started. I’m no tech genius and was able to install and set up my first campaigns with 0 problems.

Change Landing Pages Without Changing Your Ads
Once you create a campaign CPV Lab will give you a tracking url for it (ie http://yourwebsite.com/tracking/bunchoftrackingjibberishhere.php ) and you can make ALL changes to where your tracking URL points in the CPV Lab interface. This is hugely important because if your ads are approved (on facebook, plenty of fish, adwords etc) it means you can easily change up your landing pages and offers without having to get your ads reapproved!

Set Up Alerts To Save Money
Ever wake up in the morning to see that your campaigns have been running full throttle all night and that your budget is pegged? Me too. Fortunately CPV Lab let’s you create alerts so you can monitor your ad spend and give underperforming ads and landing pages the axe.

Bottom Line

CPV Lab is the tracking solution that I’m using for my own campaigns and I’ve been very happy with it. It makes tracking campaigns super fast, easy, and their support is top notch.

The one knock against CPV Lab is the price: it costs $297 (a onetime fee) for a license. The way I look at it is that the $297 is chump change compared with the amount of moolah CPV Lab will enable me to earn.

None-the-less any 3 digit price tag can be daunting which is why we struck a special deal with CPV Lab. Until October 5th 2011 you can save 40% on CPV Lab. If you need tracking take advantage of this deal today because this deal won’t be coming back any time soon.

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